The sky was clear so the moon light made it easy to get around. Only in shadowy locations did I resort to my torch. Luis objected to being left with his tree however he’d stopped objecting by the time we got back. He managed to find his way back to the camping and even went inside until I invited him to come out with the Two Crazies.

Fido was waiting as he needed to organise Jorma and the filling of the gas bottles. All told, there were five bottles to fill. The next part of the trip involved Lidl and the purchase of some cat food. I understand Fido was in the van so left it to Kirsti and Jorma to deal with the groceries.

Meanwhile, Isabella, Sasha and Luis went for another walk where I threw the ball for Isabella who was quite active today. Together, they had plenty of exercise.

I rode over Panorama to the bakery and Petrakis as the fridge was almost completely empty so eating choices were becoming limited. My ride back was uneventful.

I made tea after feeding the animals and brought in one of the bags of food delivered almost as soon as I got back from the supermarket. How’s that for service!

Bona called to ask if I could get some sheets on the go as she didn’t have enough double sheets for all the accommodation. I went and stripped the beds all around and put all the sheets into the machine. The towels went in after. The weather looks poor from tomorrow so it seemed a good idea to get it out of the way whilst the weather is fine.

A Polish van was present again. Speaking to the occupant he bemoaned the fact he’d been ill during his visit. Added to that, Grammeno had exceptional weather which made everything much worse. He’s back at work now with his shorts and t-shirt. But still sniffing a little.

I carted the sheets up to the ironing room for Bona once they were dry. I’d rather she concentrate on ironing and cleaning than washing which any idiot can do. She should be passing on her way back from the greenhouses.

There was a call from a woman wishing to book accommodation for Clean Monday which is at the end of February. I assured her there would be plenty of availability.

Fido has enjoyed his outing to Chania and Lidl so is now probably looking forward to his supper although I understand his needs were catered for earlier. He didn’t explode during his travels which is good as he’s not had much travelling experience since going to England and back in April/May 2014 when he was only a few months old.

If the forecast is correct, the next few days might be a little unsettled.
The temperature didn’t quite make it to 20ºC but the day was warm and sunny so the washing dried quickly.


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