Now We Are Six (again)

Iera was waiting [almost] patiently under the awning. She declined the offer to come inside yesterday evening. Seemingly, she only likes to come in when it’s hot as it’s often cooler inside the van.

Rain started to fall on the metal roof as I was putting on my boots which didn’t bode well for a dry walk. Regardless, we persevered and it stopped before very long. The sky was very cloudy so I spotted only a few stars and the moon was regularly covered so provided only occasional light.

Luis excelled himself! He was off the lead as we crossed the field which is the progression we’ve followed for a couple of days. I then lost visible contact so summoned him electronically. He appeared quite quickly and made it all the way to the end of The Promontory with some encouragement. We contented ourselves with biscuits and no crossing of the rocks as the lagoon was full of water from the southwesterly sea. We headed inland and thence to the second biscuit location before walking to Plakaki. Luis didn’t quite make it all the way but met us on the way back and then again on Grammeno Beach. All-in-all, he did a good job at keeping up rather than wandering off to get into mischief.

We met Andreas on the second walk. Skinny and Luis were there in addition to Isabella, Sasha and Iera. We crossed the causeway, Iera paused, so she and I got our feet wet. The others were watching from the other side. We went round again once we met up with Andreas so it was nine before we made it back to the camping. I let Fido out so that Jorma could take him for a walk. Jorma confessed to having not long got out of bed.

I rode off towards Paleochora and went straight to the bakery having inspected the sky and approaching weather. Once I’d left the bakery I could see the weather was already over Grammeno. I’d not long set off when it started to rain. After a brief stop I decided to continue whereupon it got wetter as did I. Only after I was back at the camping did it really pelt down which was a bonus I thought. I changed my shorts, socks and shoes so am now wearing my ‘Isabella’ socks which are thick and fairly long.

The weather degenerated into showers with sunny intervals. The sun was sufficient to produce over 3kW/h of power, more than expected. We retired inside. It rained intermittently. Manolis came to check out the gas situation and agreed that the strange non-flammable gas bottle was an interesting phenomenon. I cleared the rubbish and stood on the beach in one of the sunny intervals. I got Manolis to replace the 25kg gas cylinder when he went to bring three 10kg ones.

Kirsti and Jorma had Fido with them all day and have decided they will now keep him with them permanently. Fido is very relaxed when he’s with them and passed the transition tests with flying colours. No explosions when travelling in their van to Chania and back. It’s as if he’s always been with them. Naturally, I shall miss him as he’s been with me since January 2014. Tonight, even Obi is in the van!

A customer called to say she would be returning if there was space. I cleared the pitch in front of the restaurant kitchen as it’s the closest to where they were previously. Manolis commented there were lots of vans. I replied that it was busier over the weekend with three accommodation rentals.

A wet and chilly day with more unsettled weather to come. Hopefully, there will be more sunshine tomorrow.

Fido exhausted in his new home…


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