Wet Start

Heavy rain during the night disturbed my gentle slumbers. At getting up time, I consulted Weather Underground to discover that more rain was imminent during the forthcoming hour. Consequently, having let Skinny and Sasha out for a quick pee, I retired back to my boudoir. It did indeed rain so we finally left for our walk around six-thirty when dawn was just breaking.

It was broad daylight when the seven of us walked up the beach to Plakaki and back. Several vans were parked in the beach car park, two in addition to the BB and the German van. An elderly Hymer and a box on a truck conversion.

I dumped off the boys then went out again with Isabella and Sasha for another trek around The Promontory. We saw Johannes and Lucky in the distance and a couple of fishermen fishing from Grammeno Beach.

I put in some washing for the couple who returned yesterday evening then went off on my bike over Panorama and back with a stop at EKO to pay for the 25kg gas Manolis delivered the previous day. Most of the clouds had disappeared and it was turning into a lovely day despite the ‘cloudy with sunny intervals’ forecast.

I put another load in the washing machine for the couple next to the bar then one for Mickey who’d built up a collection from the time spent waiting for the water pump on his van to be fixed.

Some admin needed catching up together with a little more spreadsheet tinkering. There have been too many interruptions to concentrate on much else. Running toilet, Exchange Server crash at Inter Sport Lewes and an arrival. A Swiss couple who will probably stay only one night if they get their laundry dry by tomorrow.

A report from the couple who’ve travelled the island indicated that Grammeno is the busiest camping on the island. Other campings were not busy with only three or four vans parked up. In one, they were alone. At present, there are twelve here which is not a bad number I suppose.

Wet during the night and early morning giving way to a warm day with plenty of sunshine.


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