The Last Day

I spent more time asleep yesterday evening than awake. I gave up and went to bed not expecting to have a very comfortable night. I think I woke up about an hour earlier then usual and the alarm was the next thing.

I readied the dogs and changed Luis’ batteries. He now has Fido’s collar and light which came on for a little while and then gave up the ghost. Luis managed to keep up most of the time but met us as we made our way back from Plakaki. The sea has provided a very generous and fairly level sandy platform for most of the way from the Promontory to Plakaki. It’s much quicker and easier than walking on shingle or stones.

The moon started off overhead but was then joined by a thick layer of cloud making it very dark when it should have been quite light. The problems of cloudy winter weather.

Just the girls went on the second walk, we were back just after sunrise which will occur one minute earlier tomorrow. From now, the sun will rise slightly earlier each morning and slowly make its way back across the sea, behind Paleochora and then the mountains. In summer, the sun rises far earlier than it can be seen. A bonus when riding into Paleochora.

I rode over Panorama and my usual route around Paleochora stopping only for bread. Mounting my bike, for some reason I ended up in a heap on the ground much to the consternation of three locals supping coffee at one of the outside tables. They leapt to their feet to offer assistance but I’d regained a vertical stance if not my dignity. I rode off feeling like a real plonker!

I’d just fed the animals and made tea when I was called to the reception as the Swiss couple in the Landrover Defender had decided to leave. I’d guessed they’d stay only one [difficult] night and I was not wrong. The wife asked why they should pay the same as larger vehicles whereupon I explained that the pricing is based on the number of people and vehicles. 8€ for the vehicle and 8€ for each adult with a 15% discount at this time of year. She wittered on longer about lack of fairness so I pointed out that she’d asked the price on arrival and she decided to stay. Some customers bring joy on their arrival, others on their departure.

I did lots of little jobs including some IT work for EG, moved the fridge/freezer from the kitchen with Jorma’s help. He took the compressor end too. I just walked backwards. The plan is to leave it to dry for a day then use it to store stuff like the other one. Quite a lot of stuff can be stored in an old fridge/freezer. The shelves are glass but I may have some others.

I emptied the bins and moved the large rubbish container from the car park next to the kitchen. Hopefully, the customers will put their rubbish there or in the bins at the entrance which will save me emptying the wooden waste bins scattered around the camping. They are fine in summer when they’re emptied more than once per day but people don’t crush cans, squash plastic bottles or use their brains. The bins get quickly filled up and the rubbish attacked and scattered by the cats.

I put the awning skirt along the length of the van to keep out some of the cold wind currently blowing from the north. It’s amazing how much difference it makes! There were other, even less interesting activities too!

I visited Mickey with a package delivered by UPS containing his new personal hotspot router. We had fun setting it up in his van and then played with Alexa. Her default language is set to German however she changed over to English presumably due to my presence then wouldn’t respond to Mickey. He checked Alexa’s settings to discover her default language was still set to German. She was just being capricious and fickle. Maybe Alexa will strike up a relationship with his e-scooter and they will elope together! I later learned Mickey and Alexa had resolved their differences and she was responding again in German.

Bona and Tarti came and cleaned the toilets, kitchens and T1. So at least I have that to offer any unexpected arrivals. Bona will come to clean T3, T5, and Ξ2 when she has more time. She works most days at the greenhouses and has guests on Sunday.

Today is Friday 13 for anyone who considers themselves superstitious.

Cooler with a northerly wind but more sunshine than expected


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