Rainy Day

I checked the weather to discover there was a large, green blob almost upon us. I let Isabella and Sasha out with Skinny then retired to bed again. It rained on schedule but nothing like as much as forecast. I eventually got up around half-eight which is extremely late for me!

I made tea whilst the dogs paddled around outside hoping for a walk. Rain was still falling at a good rate so I really didn’t fancy a van-full of wet dogs all day. We adjourned inside so I could drink my tea.

I wandered the camping after feeding the cats to check the boiler was working as well as the electricity. The two most likely items to fail during wet conditions.

Much of the remainder of the day was spent inside on HMRC’s website or talking to Matthew who says he’s really up for the idea of constructing me a Tiny House. If I had the choice of builder, he’d be top of my list. I will send him some photos to contemplate.

A phone call took me to reception where a Swiss couple were waiting to stay a night at the camping. They are now next to T5 and the BBQ.

The rain started to ease so I decided to walk the dogs on the Promontory. They were pretty crazy by now so needed to have a good run around. We went over the rocks and generally wandered around until I spied Andreas and his dogs on Grammeno Beach. He walked over to join us as we wandered around in the drizzle. Another call from reception was from a Luxemburger in a motorhome with his wife and his father. They are now behind Mickey close to the BBQ where they are grilling fish. Everyone should enjoy the smoke and smell. Both new arrivals are staying only one night. The camping is quite full at present as there are thirteen vans. What is going on!

A generally soggy day with little to recommend it other than staying inside in the dry.

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