Goodbye Gina!

A large German Shepherd was waiting outside the field gate almost patiently. There was only one little woof to give her away. The others charged out as she wandered in so the eight of us went on a great walk.

The sky was clear and the moon bright. It’s past its prime and heading rapidly towards the eastern horizon to meet the rising sun. With a day like yesterday, it was much easier to appreciate such a clear sky and the earlier sunrise.

The three ladies met up with Franz and Lieke, Andreas’ dogs. I could see him on Grammeno Beach so I called him. We walked together and parted by the field.

I went into Paleochora on my bike having missed out on a ride yesterday. There was nothing I needed so there were no stops on the way. It was getting warmer as I rode back along the cycle path.

Once back, I had a load to put in the washing machine for Johannes as well as an exchange gas cylinder. Johannes had two washes altogether. There was an arrival, a Frenchman with a van, a photo tour of some of the vans for the customers by the beach gate who decided not to leave but stay a little longer. They plan to return in March with some friends. I checked out the electrical control system for Jarno, the other Finnish man in his van down by the beach. I suggested he contact the manufacturer’s customer support with an email describing the problems. It’s a cunning box with controls battery charging, mains electricity and solar if you have it.

The Germans with the van left earlier and the others, with the Luxembourg number, stayed until late afternoon whereupon I went for a lovely hot shower. Today’s sunshine heated the water up nicely.

I noticed that Iera had been collected in my absence and I bumped into Fido when he was walking with Kirsti and earlier, with Jorma. I think he loves his new home although he still has fond memories of the crazy gang even though they barked the house down when he rushed to the gate.

Kirsti suggested I might take Isabella AND Sasha to see Stavros on one of their trips to Lidl. Both crazies in their van together might be an interesting concept.

Gina Lollobrigida died today aged 95. One of the great screen icons of yesteryear.

Warmer and certainly sunnier than yesterday. Tomorrow looks variable but January is often wet and unsettled. The battery was discharged so 10.6 kWh of PV was produced today

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