Forty Years On

The moon is getting up later and reduced to a crescent. Tomorrow will be the last we’ll see of it in the morning for this cycle. It seemed quite dark as a result and there were few clouds except a couple pestering the moon.

I waited for Luis to ensure he kept up and, having engaged him, he managed to arrive on time for biscuits at Plakaki. We didn’t cross the rocks or the causeway as the sea is still pretty active from the south and east.

Sasha, Isabella and her ball, the thrower and I set off just after seven-fifteen for the next Promontory visit. We crossed the rocks and causeway with the girls well ahead of me. I managed to keep my feet dry by watching the waves and being quick as they were breaking over into the lagoon.

I rode to Paleochora over Panorama for a quick stop in Petrakis for some groceries as tomorrow is DDs day. I seemed to have forgotten to buy a cabbage which is annoying as tomorrow might be wet.

I had a call from the Lithuanians asking for the machine so I loaded their washing when I got back. They tell me they’ll be off in a couple of weeks but will return after they meet their friends.

Jorma started work on the metal caddy to contain the batteries. He was cutting metal yesterday but welding today. We now have a caddy with a wheel on one corner. He’ll probably continue tomorrow if the weather is dry.

Meanwhile, I spent some time finishing off the installation of the BMS. I’d not connected it to my phone using BlueTooth but managed it today and made a series of configuration changes to give better protection to the batteries. So far, it seems quite a useful app.

I finally ordered the new awning sides having worked out what I actually wanted and would work best. The order process is quite slick as the customer instantly receives exact drawings for measurement confirmation. These are forwarded to the manufacturer for production and then product sent to the customer. It will be interesting to receive the finished product when it eventually arrives. At least these parts are modular and replaceable unlike the existing arrangement. And there is a 15% discount this month!

Bona came to finish T5 and Ξ2 but didn’t have her keys so I had to nip round to unlock and lock for her.

It’s forty years since the anti-war song ninety-nine balloons hit the people of Germany. There was an English version a year later with a slightly different title of ninety-nine red balloons. The song was inspired by balloons released at the end of a Rolling Stones concert with the possibility of them being mistaken for invading aircraft by the DDR (East Germans). West Germany had finally agreed to host American missiles after a many years of debate.

Some cloud but mostly sunny and warm with a little wind. There’s the possibility of some rain early tomorrow morning. The next few days could be a little unsettled.

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