More Arrivals

The forecast mentioned rain and it was right although there were changes from the night before. We went out regardless and got a little wet. Only light rain fell at first but became harder so I decided to return to base. Skinny and Obi were further ahead and in a world of their own. As soon as we got back, the rain subsided so we went out again to continue our walks. I compressed two into one as time was getting on and I needed to shop.

I went off over Panorama to Anatoli and then Petrakis for some doggy dins vegetables. The sky was quite cloudy and dark at times but I was able to get back still dry. As I surveyed the horizon over the sea, there was even a glimpse of the sun.

Jorma came to talk about the battery caddy then rode into Paleochora to buy parts. Meanwhile, I put a wash on for Micky and went back to some tea and a cruise of the Internet for some welder wire for Jorma’s machine. I finally found some from a Greek company so it will be delivered in due course as I paid via bank transfer which takes a while.

The day has been generally busy so I’ve had very little time to do much else. The two arrivals had sent a message earlier and arrived in the afternoon. One couple and a single man in his van accompanied by his dog. They both had dogs. The couple are staying only one night but have had two washing machines so far. The last is soon to be emptied.

Jorma has been working all day on the battery caddy and only recently went back to his van. I was preparing the DD’s for their meal in between emptying and refilling the washing machine.

It has been cooler today following the small amount of rain which fell this morning. However, there was plenty of sunshine which made up for the rain.

Cooler but sunny after a shower this morning.

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