Wet Walk

I woke to the sound of rain so decided it might be worth going to sleep until the alarm. Then I waited to check the forecast which mentioned a good chance of rain around six. At this point I felt that remaining in bed was a good choice rather than wander around on a dark, windy, wet morning. But Isabella and Sasha requested to go out so I felt I might as well get up and dressed.

Only when the dogs were ready to leave did it start to rain once more so we waited until it stopped. Once on the way out towards the beach it started again so we found ourselves huddled up in the shelter of the changing room on the beach. It must have looked amusing. The rain subsided so we went out onto the Promontory where at least it was reasonably sheltered. It rained harder so we sheltered in the cave before going to the end and back.

By now, we were wet so I thought we may as well get to Plakaki at least, where even Luis managed to arrive with the others. He’d shown a great desire to return to the van. He did look rather soggy as did Obi and Oskar.

There was only light rain as we returned to the Promontory and even went high up to the rocks for biscuits. Crossing the causeway was not going to be easy as waves regularly washed over into the lagoon. We went back towards the van where we bumped into Andreas and his dogs. It seemed like a good idea to accompany him as the sky was clearing with only some rainfall in the distance. We had a good wander around and then went our separate ways.

I had a dog bed in the washing machine so went to remove that for the customer followed by a little wander of the camping to see that everything was working which was almost the case.

The weather was looking up so I took the girls for another quick wander, this time crossing the causeway and the rocks. We had a chat to the Belgian and German occupants of the car park, mostly about the weather.

There were two more loads of washing for Alex and a quick spin of some sheets for Dominik, his friend. They’d left their washing out all night so it had a second washing.

By now, I was ready for some tea and enjoyed the sunshine which percolated through the clouds. Jorma came to talk about the caddy project but was having a day off today.

The remainder of the day consisted of occasional showers, some heavy, as the shipping forecast might say.

The dogs have been fed and are now snoring inside and I’m waiting for my fakes to finish cooking before eating them.

Dominik and his partner have finally dried most of their laundry and will be off soon. Rather later than 11:00, the original plan. It’s going to be fun in their van with some clothes drying in their loo!

A very soggy start followed by sun with intermittent showers.There might be a little more rain in the night and then we look forward to two days of more stable weather.


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