When the dogs are fed in the evening, Luis, and formerly Fido, were put inside the van with their bowls. This prevented predatory behaviour from Luis to others and the larger dogs towards the smaller ones. He likes to sit on the chair which is next to the table where I serve up the food. This evening, I fed Oskar before feeding Luis and Obi. Oskar has his food on a rubber mat near the chair, blocking Luis’ access from the chair to get to his food which I put in the van. He tried to get between the chair seat and the arm but he was too podgy. His frustration was palpable. He didn’t want to barge past Oskar as he was eating for fear of reprisals, he couldn’t jump from the chair as it was too awkward and getting out under the arm was a non-runner. Eventually, I picked him up and put him on the decking so he could race in to get his food before Sasha or Isabella might.

Our first walk was without incident and very enjoyable as I was able to disappear off into another world as I walked along the beach towards Plakaki.

I took the other two out mindful of the need to get back before eight as Jarno was leaving for his holiday in Egypt and I needed to put a wash in for the Lithuanians. Fortunately, Jarno was moving his van up to the car park as I emerged from the gate and the Lithuanians arrived just as I’d opened the laundry room door. I was able to then leap onto my bike and disappear into Paleochora for some DDs shopping.

Petrakis was quite animated as I got there a little later due to the various distractions beforehand. I’d chosen a selection of vegetables and was passing the checkout on the way in to the store. Antonis Petrakis accosted me to examine the sticky price tickets attached to my shopping basket and then removed the most expensive. He tore it up and said that it was free. What a nice gesture! I rode back to the camping under a cloudy sky. The sea view was worth it though!

I had DDs to prepare after feeding the animals then Jorma appeared having gone shopping at the hardware store for bolts and nuts. I eventually made some tea and parked myself for a reasonably quiet mug of tea. I had an email to reply to for a group of four families coming for the Clean Monday Holiday (Shrove Tuesday but on Monday) at the end of next month.

I had a call from Maria to discuss a mystery booking in August which no one seems to take responsibility for. The password to the booking calendar has since been changed. Georgia has been efficient! I suggested it might be changed at the end of each summer season. Better still, there are logins for each user which would be the sensible approach.

I went to the office and sent a scan from a bank statement to Maria. I received an invoice from DHL for taxes paid on my recently received BMS (Battery Management System) which was [supposedly] sent directly from Germany, another EU country!

Jorma worked hard on the battery caddy which now has four castors and is parked alongside the batteries. He plans to degrease and paint it tomorrow I think. It’s coming along very well indeed. It will be great to have everything in one place rather than scattered around randomly.

I processed the DDs as the sun began to sink behind the building and Jorma packed up. I seem to be surrounded by sleeping dogs.

Sunny and warm with little wind but not hot. The end of the week is looking unsettled.

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