Exploding Dog II

Poor Sasha had been outside for some while after supper when I let her in. I was eating and watching TV so not entirely focused on her needs. She want towards the door and asked to go out however I was too slow to respond so she returned the content of her stomach to an easily-cleanable section of floor – Good Girl! I let her out, shutting the door after the horse has bolted, then swept up the neat pile into the dustpan which I left on the decking outside. She meticulously finished cleaning the dustpan after the Early Walk.

A very creditable portrayal of Simenon’s pipe-smoking Commissioner Maigret was provided by Rowan Atkinson with credible 1950’s Paris street scenes. I have little experience of Rowan Atkinson in serious roles so was suitably impressed.

I spent most of the evening on ITVX to see how reliable they are at streaming after Ursula’s report that she experienced significant spooling and choppy video. Despite the use of a VPN, I have no problems with transmission quality.

It seemed very dark this morning as I waited for Luis to catch me up. Keeping him engaged for the first part of the of the walk means he’s more likely to keep up for the remainder of the time. He didn’t make it as far as Plakaki today. The girls went out afterwards so we were able to cross the rocks and the causeway again.

I rode to Paleochora with a stop at EKO to drop off a small gift for Martha as a thank you for sending me nice meals. The next stop was for bread followed by a pleasant ride back to the camping.

Jorma was straight to work to add the structure which will support the inverter and the various control boxes. He then got going painting. Meanwhile, I put on a wash for Johannes and then went to tidy up in the storeroom. The second fridge/freezer is next to the existing one and I reorganised the animal food storage. I took the opportunity to reorganise some other stuff to reclaim loads of lost space.

Later, I chopped off my hair as it was far too long and we took Isabella, Sasha and Fido for a walk around the block. Sasha is doing well at walking on the lead and remembers to sit each time we stop. She will be one in a few days.

Warmer than yesterday with loads of sun and no wind! The outlook from Thursday is still unsettled.


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