Batteries In!

I set the alarm slightly earlier to compensate for the marginally lighter mornings and the time required to ensure Luis continues to be part of the walk. Sasha had been fidgeting so I needed to let her out mindful of her recent explosion.

It was fresher today so my hands felt cold for only about the second time this ‘winter’. There were no surprises other than a large dog waiting outside the gate into the field; she’s part of the furniture anyway.

I took the three girls out for the second walk spending much of my time burying poo. As one does. I brought them back and then rode into Paleochora for some bread and groceries. I managed to eat all of the bread yesterday. I needed potatoes as I’d had a bit of a purge on them too. There were some nice runner-beans so I bought some of them. WU says Thursday and Friday might be wet so I wanted to have plenty of food for me and the dogs.

Fido had taken Jorma and Kirsti to Lidl as their van went quite early. I had some stuff to do so got on with that accompanied by a cup of tea. There was the small matter of my tax return to file. Not that I have any taxes to pay.

Jorma, Kirsti and Fido returned to the camping so Jorma came to play. He straightened the slightly wonky end of the battery caddy then we dismantled the battery bank and put them into the caddy. It was a snug fit laterally but that’s the idea. To stop the batteries from swelling or jumping around during an earthquake, which would not be a good idea. A fire on the decking is something with which I could do without.

Bona came straight from work to do the toilets. Not a very long job as it was a matter of emptying the bins and refilling the paper. She’d been working with tomatoes so brought me some which was very kind of her. Peppers in a couple of days!

Our guest had not left so I put on extra rice and she’s out on the decking asleep curled up. She’s spent most of the day inside.I have Skinny and Luis snuggled up together next to me leaving the side bench free and a gap between them and Obi. He still continues to come inside each evening and spends the night on the shelf under my bed. There’s a nice, soft blanket for him now.

I shall finish off filing my tax return tomorrow, especially if it’s raining.

A cooler night and morning with a sunny day slightly cooler than yesterday. WU says tomorrow and Friday might be wet.
Not finished but the batteries are in! Well done Jorma! The inverter, currently fixed to the side of the van, will go at the right-hand end with the boxes which currently clutter up the floor, on a wooden panel at the end of the bank. We need to find a home for the BMS which is currently lying on top of the batteries to the left.


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