Royal Visit

I checked the forecast to discover only a 10% possibility of very little precipitation so up I got. Nevertheless, the sky was very dark and I wondered whether we’d get our walk done in time. There was a strong, southeasterly wind so the sea was pretty excited on the Alonaki side. Progress to Plakaki was more difficult going against the wind and it seemed very dark. They all made it, even Luis, so we were soon on the way back.

The second walk was quicker although the sky was less threatening. Iera seemed to be enjoying herself as there was the usual amount of racing around and barking about. We crossed the rocks and the causeway despite the strong sea to the southeast then returned to the camping where I indulged my mind before setting off to ride around Paleochora.

I thought it might be an idea to stop at the periptero (newspaper/tobacconist/sweetie shop) outside Synka for a phone topup. I asked if they’d accept ApplePay and the nice lady said she did. Consequently, I asked for 30€ worth of credit. Paying was another matter as, following a number of abortive attempts, we discovered their Internet connection had stopped working. I moved away to contemplate an alternative suggesting I might make a direct bank payment. The Nice Lady called somebody to procure the IBAN number of their bank however I didn’t have my glasses. I got her to type all the transfer details into my phone app which she managed despite her beautiful, long nails. Then I couldn’t read the transfer PIN so had her read it from my password app so I could enter the transfer. All that remained was for her to check that everything was correct and we pressed the transfer button. All this whilst serving other customers.

It’s not possible to make expedited transactions to Greek banks for some reason but the payment usually reaches the other account a day or two later. I said I’d come back the following day to collect my topup codes but she handed them to me saying it was ok as she trusted me! I promised I wouldn’t rob her and left. I’ve since topped up my phone but will pass tomorrow to be sure the payment arrived as expected. What a nice lady!

I came back to put some washing in the machine for Bona and feed the animals. Our guest was still with us. I then turned my attention to making DDs and some tea which I drank once I’d cleared up after.

A phone call announced the impending arrival of Georgia (and Zoe) so I waited with anticipation whilst chatting to Ursula online. I then wandered the camping a little, lubricating the laundry room door lock which stuck earlier.

A new guest arrive, a friend of Frank. He’d just crossed on the ferry so was less than lively due to lack of sleep. He will stay for a month he says. He’s taken the space next to the sliding gate where Jarno was.

Meanwhile, Georgia arrived and engaged with Xanthippos who has been looking after the dogs during the prolonged absence of Toni. He has been charged with the serious task of cleaning all the gutters on T1-5 tomorrow. It appears he’s been forgiven his previous transgressions and like the Prodigal Son…

The Royal Party left to luncheon with Martha who’d not had a visit for around a month. Georgia collected the money but we’re no nearer to finding a permanent place for Anke as I suspect that one is too difficult. She did mention that the present place taken by her was too near to the Common Room. Whatever…

It was time for me to process the DDs and to feed them so another day is done. Still no rain but some is forecast for tomorrow so Xanthippos can clean the gutters whilst they’re in action. Do him good!

A generally windy and overcast day but mild and with no rain so far


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