Dining Out

A clap of thunder before/after the alarm convinced me it wasn’t worth getting out of bed. There wasn’t a lot of demand from the doggy contingent either. The storm rumbled by, the rain fell and Skinny went into his bunker. It was after seven before we were up and getting ready to go for a walk. Light by now so better progress than in the darkness so we were only just over an hour to do what usually takes nearly ninety-minutes.

I sent a message to Andreas to see if he was out with his dogs and we finally met up and did another walk which included crossing the rocks once more. The sea is a lot calmer today although Luis wasn’t necessarily convinced.

We eventually separated around nine-thirty so I went back, put the boys in, fed the cats and rode over Panorama through Paleochora stopping only for a loaf. On the way, I received a call from the most recent arrival but one, asking to use the washing machine. That was my first task on my return.

I had DDs to prepare after making tea and feeding the dogs. It was all go but the morning had turned sunny even though my ride back at Warp-Speed was damper than I’d have liked it to have been. The nice lady at Anatoli asked how I might be getting back before the rain. I replied: ‘more quickly’. I was due for a wash anyway!

It wasn’t long before the machine finished so I took the content back to the nice Swiss Lady who’s into Geocaching and helps with animals and children. Not necessarily all at the same time.

It was then that Johannes contacted me as his gas had just run out. Manolis had delivered several cylinders just recently so I was able to oblige. I was asked to lunch and gladly agreed. We enjoyed a delicious meal and good company. We have several shared interests and similar views on the Environment so had plenty to discuss.

Luna, who is around ten months, was sitting next to me but I think I frightened her by laughing when she started to pepper me with her lunch. From then on, she wouldn’t settle in her chair so had to be passed between Saga and Johannes for the sake of peace and quiet. Happy helped clear up any morsels which made it to the furniture protector or the floor. It was nearly three when I left and they went off for a walk.

The dogs appear to have been quiet during my prolonged absence so I went back to process the DDs and put on their rice for supper. It will be easy for a couple of days as I have two meals in hand.

The day turned out nicer than predicted as it was mostly sunny with very few cloudy intervals. 0.1ºC cooler than yesterday but it is still January.

A went and stormy start but generally a much better day than anticipated in the light of the forecast. More unsettled weather to follow and slightly cooler than of late. There is a good layer of snow on the tops of the highest mountains.

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