Sasha, One Today!

Considerable rain fell during the night and the forecast looked a little unreliable so I put off getting up until six when it would be lighter. Being able to see the clouds is always helpful.

It was quite cold but there was no wind making it feel less cold. Progress was vigorous and it was easier as it was lighter. I was even able to prevent Isabella from sneaking off into the gardens to steal bones. Having completed the second round, we went back where I dropped off the boys and took out the girls.

Andreas used my location to find us so we met up at the end of the Promontory and walked back together. We stopped to chat before parting company. Saga arrived carrying Luna to walk Happy. The four dogs with us were lying or sitting nicely as Saga arrived. Only Sasha needed the occasional prod to keep her sitting and not wandering. At one point, Isabella wandered over to commune with Happy who snapped at her. It’s always more complicated when one dogs is on the leash. I warned Isabella to stay away from smaller dogs as she seems to generally come off worse!

I had to go and reset some fuses as the heavy rain during the night took its toll of the electrical installation. At least the kitchen was still working. I eventually set off for Paleochora without any stops as I felt I could postpone my trip to Petrakis until tomorrow when I also need bread.

Matthew contacted me about his tax form so we spent time going through that and I finally submitted it and sent the payment. Tomorrow is the last day for submissions.

I had other things to attend to including replying to an email for a family coming at the end of April. I should have another family arriving Monday week for a few days and four families at the end of the month for the Holiday Weekend to mark Clean Monday.

I’d been alerted to the fact that one of the cats had a problem with her paw and intended to contact Stavros. With one thing and another the day ran out of hours. Fortunately, Andrea, Frank’s Italian friend has taken her into to Paleochora to see the vet.

Later, Kirsti came to walk Isabella and I took Sasha the other direction. We met up with Fido and Isabella at the halfway point as usual. It was very sunny but quite cold as the wind has moved to the north and was strong at times. I suspect I might see an increase in the electricity consumption around the camping.

Jarno contacted me about the tracking number on his electrical panel which is on its way to the manufacturer for investigation. I went to his van to find it and opened the French one at the same time to check the battery was still charged.

I’ve not had too much time to idle away so would be glad of a quiet evening.

It’s cooler tonight so the dogs are snuggled up rather than stretched out.
Cooler than yesterday but sunny after a wet night with some 15.5mm of rain from midnight. Cooler and unsettled for the next few days.


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