Goodbye January

I swashed my buckles with Mr Sharp who was having fun in Spain during one of the Spanish Civil Wars. Just the first episode so plenty more to go. ITVX has all episodes I think. I eventually fell asleep so took myself to bed with my heated pad to warm up my feet. Trailing the power cable for the pad from the kitchen unit may not be the ideal solution but there’s no 230V power at the front of the van. I’ll install a socket or two.

I woke in the night to the sound of rain but it was nothing like as the night before. I decided to linger at getting up time so we were out just after six-fifteen. We’d not been out long when it started to rain, crossing the rocks in the most exposed location as it happened.

We sheltered in the cave for a while as I was convinced of heavy rain beating on the plastic greenhouses in the distance. We saw plenty of muddy water heading toward the sea as we walked back from Plakaki and the large river has been flowing for two days. It’s easily traversable for all except the likes of Luis and his short legs. Obi is not a lot taller but is more slender and has a good leap. Nevertheless, we completed our daily workout, despite adverse conditions, and I shovelled the boys less Skinny into the van to recover.

Skinny decided to accompany the Crazies on their walk and even kept with us. We crossed the causeway and rocks once more as the sea is benign at the moment. I left them all and rode into Paleochora over Panorama. Unlike the main road, the cycleway is not so wet which is a bonus.

I stopped at Petrakis, the periptero and the bakery. I popped into the periptero to see if they’d received the money. The woman behind the counter, presumably the sister, seemed unconcerned but was probably pleased I’d taken the trouble to follow up. I had some grocery shopping to attend to as well as some gas for Jorma and Kirsti and one to replace one borrowed by Johannes. With a couple of sacks of doggy food to make up the load. It was delivered sometime in the middle of the day whilst I was wandering the camping.

The Lithuanians are leaving tomorrow so I went to collect their money as they needed to pay for their electricity. They are meeting friends in the east so will be staying at Koutsounari before going back home.

The Swiss lady, who camped on the beach for several nights, has left as she is going to find an apartment since she’s finding her small van conversion too cold. She tells me she plans to return at a later date this season.

I showed Michael and also Saga some of the vans. Michael is thinking about staying on Crete for the winter next year but finds his van too restricting when it’s colder. He’s looking at taking T1 for six months.

Kirsti put a wash on for tomorrow morning. A great load of sheets as tomorrow should be sunny. A relief after today’s prolonged showers.

Matthew sent me a list of the available properties in the SouthDownsPark development as well as the brochure. He thinks they are a good investment, at least from a construction point of view. I wonder how many will be sold to absentee landlords for letting. I’m definitely interested in one of the first-floor apartments so will get someone to view one for me.

There was a final prolonged shower at which point I went for one too. There’s been plenty of sunshine to heat up the water, especially yesterday, as well as fully-charge the battery so I’m turning on the fan heater right now.

Today has been a mixture of cloudy weather interrupted by some sunny intervals and prolonged showers. It was slightly warmer than yesterday but I felt cold due to the humidity and the cold wind.

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