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My sleep was interrupted, not by the alarm but by rain. So I went back to sleep and got up at six. Our walk was dry but decidedly chilly. We lost Luis at one point and Obi sneaked off at the end for a little tour of the camping. A great excuse for Maya to make even more noise than usual. Obi was finally apprehended by Kirsti and put back into the compound. Luis and Oskar were just lagging.

The second walk was with Andreas and his dogs. It was raining a little as we crossed the field but I managed to convince Andreas the rain would soon stop so we walked together around the Promontory, over the rocks and back to the field where we parted. I went to say goodbye to the Lithuanians who are threatening to return in the autumn.

I went to take Kirsti’s wash out and then cycled into Paleochora without any stops. It looked a little ominous when I set off but the sky was mostly blue by the time I came back.

I had DD’s to assemble so completed that before drinking my tea and sitting in the sun. I had some IT to do for Simon who is enjoying himself on the ski slopes for a week. I fiddled with his spreadsheets, updated his computer and left it hopefully working.

Litsa contacted me to tell me her camera wasn’t working so I went to check it out to find it was merely a faulty connection at the power socket. Electrical appliances don’t enjoy the winter very much.

I amused myself by putting a power socket by my bed so that I can plug in my electric heating pad more easily at nighttime. It makes an excellent foot warmer which greatly aids my ability to get to sleep. It’s really hard to sleep with cold feet!

My next task, seeing as I was working in the same location, was to replace the three LED clusters I used to replace the fluorescent tube above the sink. Part of their dimness was due to the dead bodies and general dirt. There is now a hopefully brighter light under the cupboards.

There was then the DDs to process and prepare food for myself. Tonight’s excitement is potatoes, cauliflower and carrots with funky salad and plenty of large olives as I’ve just restocked.

Johannes called to say a German couple had arrived and were setting up their tent by the beach. I relieved them of some money, took their details and showed them to the facilities. They will enjoy a warm fire in the Common Room without having to go to bed at 18:00 as they did last night. I warned them it might be cold but they say they’re well equipped with plenty of insulation and warm sleeping bags.

I’m surrounded by the usual collection of sleeping dogs who are curled up tightly as the van door has been open all day so it’s not warm until the fan heater gets its act together and heats the place up. Between the heater and the Instant Pot, we’re currently consuming 2.5kW.

Daily summary for 1st February 2023. A damp start after a cold night followed by a sunny day but with quite low temperatures despite little wind.
Summary for January 2023


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