Now I Need To Clean!

I turned on the new light above the worktop to discover how dim the old one was. Now I know I need to clean up a bit!

I’ve recently been enjoying Grace on ITVX. He’s a slightly unorthodox detective recently relegated to trying to solve cold cases having used equally unorthodox methods to solve crimes. Most of the action takes place in the south coast area and included a scene at Lewes Victoria A&E. Has the Victoria unexpectedly sprung an A&E?

It was a little chilly during the night. A certain one-year-old got me out of my warm bed at 01:00 and again around four. This time Isabella wanted to go out too! I retired to my bed reckoning they’d let me know when they wanted to come back in. Lots of romping around outside so no one was getting any peace so I let them back in. The alarm went but I really didn’t feel much like getting up so put it off until five-thirty as my bed was so inviting.

The first walk would have been quite chilly had I not have been wearing my heated gilet with a freshly-charged battery. What a difference it makes on a cold morning! Only Skinny, Isabella, Sasha and Luis made it to Plakaki. Oskar joined us when we were back on the Promontory and Obi was picked up by Kirsti for the second day running! He and I need to come to an understanding… The second walk was quite quick and uneventful.

Fido was about to take Jorma and Kirsti to Lidl again as they were getting ready as I came out to feed the cats. We have a further supply of cat food too.

I rode over Panorama stopping at the bakery but passed by Petrakis where the older and younger were outside. The ride back was undemanding so I enjoyed the view over the sea.

I sat down with a cup of tea to get on with some admin as we’re having a new month so I thought I’d better get the money together for Georgia. I’ve been working on a new and improved invoice form for the customers and did some IT for EG. There was a call from a former customer to ask me some technical questions about his motorhome. We do everything here.

The day trundled by. I amused myself playing with Google Sheets and my latest creation. Kirsti called to drop off some greenery for the dogs and some broccoli for me! I swapped the rubbish containers over as it’s a bit of a struggle when it’s full. I have to push it up hill when it’s full and the empty one comes down the hill! Also, the ground is so uneven, making the job much harder.

I decided to take Isabella and Sasha for a zip around the Promontory after their supper and whilst mine was cooking. Maybe we’ll have a quieter night…

It’s already past ten and I’m still up! What is the world coming to? Reminds me of the nights I used to spend at Barbican House working on the program for the Town Model. Time seemed to escape so I was leaving at two in the morning!

Much warmer than yesterday and quite sunny at times. There was some rain in the early evening. There is 0.5mm of rain extra as I checked the rain funnel for blockages and the wind blew the rain bucket a couple of times.


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