Goodbye Andreas: Hello Toni

Late to bed but warmer as I deployed my duvet so was actually too hot. It makes a difference to start the day warm though.

Obi didn’t have an opportunity to slope off today as I was on his case. Nevertheless, he gave it a good try as we were walking back for the final tour of the Promontory. He and Oskar where racing towards the camping entrance as I could see from their lights. I brought them back into line and kept an even tighter grip on them until we were back at the van.

I took the girls next and we got round quite quickly so I was able to get out on my bike as there was no sign of Andreas and his dogs.

I rode over Panorama and my usual route with no stops as nothing was needed. Consequently, I was back at the camping by 08:30. My next appointment was with Frank at the washing machine at 09:30. Meanwhile, I fed the animals, washed up and made tea. I then started fiddling with my customer spreadsheet which took up much of the remainder of the day as I got into it so couldn’t leave it alone. I think it’s mostly ok now and I’m actually trying it out on a couple of live customers.

I broke away from the spreadsheet to deal with Frank’s laundry, meet Toni, who has returned from Albania and chat to the other Frank and Anke. She tells me she’s leaving at the end of the month as Laura needs the caravan back. This is pure speculation, but I think the other Frank will leave about the same time. Although I could be wrong…

Fanis and Elene came to visit as she was giving a talk at the local school in Paleochora. Unfortunately, the head teacher was more anxious than the students to hear her talk which was less than successful. She was disappointed given she’d travelled from Chania to talk to them. However, it was a pleasant day so a little drive out to the camping didn’t go amiss. Elene has lost more weight and seems to be getting her life under control. She’ll be a lot more relaxed once Dimitra has taken her exams in June. If Dimitra is successful and takes a place at university, Elene will have to fill the void left by her departure. This will also impact Fanis.

Simon rang to tell me about a problem with his spreadsheet and we chatted about his recent ski trip. He picked up CoVID so is self-isolating at the office as Rosie is at home and is pregnant and Jean is recovering from a recent operation. Simon says he’s off again for another trip before too long.

Bona called as I was feeding the dogs as she was cleaning T1 and T4. I understand one of Georgia’s friends will be staying in T1 and she and Zoe in T4. Bona told me she will be starting work in the camping in April as there’s lots to do to clean all of the accommodation, ironing, cleaning and so on. She’s glad at the prospect of not working in the greenhouses but 4€ is really very little given what she’s expected to do at the camping.

Andreas contacted me to say he had to go back to the hospital in Chania as he was having a problem with his eye. He has some potentially quite serious health difficulties so tends to err on the safe side when there are changes to his health. He says he’s quit his apartment at Morpheus and will decide what he will do next in due course. It was good to have met him and spend time with him and his dogs.

Mountain dogs from our last trip out together.
A warmer day after some early rain with plenty of sunshine and no wind. I understand it will be cooler during the next few days.

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