I didn’t put the heater on during the evening as it really was reasonably warm. I was happy to have my duvet as the temperature dropped during the night revealing a breezy and chilly morning. It wasn’t hard to convince myself there was little advantage to going out at 05:30 so we didn’t get up until around six.

We met Iera on the Promontory who appeared from nowhere. She joined us on both walks and was picked up about midday.

The first walk was pretty uneventful although I decided not to go over the rocks as it was still dark and the wind was from the northwest. We made it to Plakaki and walked up the road in both directions. The river is more of a stream and now a mere jump to cross it.

The second walk was a little damper than the first as it started to rain gently about halfway around becoming more persistent as we approached the camping. The three girls curled up under the awning as I indulged in a little meditation. It was raining quite hard at times as well as being windy.

I fed the dogs and then the cats. Kirsti came to present me with some arm warmers. Gloves which have no fingers and go high up the arms. Keeping the wrists covered is the key. Having no fingers is extremely useful too.

It was quite cold so I staying inside the van to work on Simon’s spreadsheet in the full version of Excel. Working remotely on a spreadsheet via TeamViewer using the IOS app is very difficult so a desktop is the best approach.

Toni came to collect the keys he gave me before his trip to Albania. We went up to the generator as there will be a power cut tomorrow from nine till two-thirty. The starting battery is flat but Toni says he’ll start the generator from his car in the morning.

The weather deteriorated as the the day progressed. Images of a reporter standing in a blizzard on the motorway on the mainland reporting the snow were on Litsa’s TV. She kindly gave me some halva . Later, I made some sauerkraut which will ferment very slowly in the present conditions.

I changed the battery in my electric gilet and was sitting outside with a blanket over my legs on top of my electric heating pad. As of now, the fan heater is on and the dogs are telling me it’s too cold. Skinny, Isabella and Oskar are curled up tight on the rear seat, Luis is alone on the side bench and Sasha is curled up at my feet. Obi is at the front of the van deciding it’s better to drag the blanket from the shelf onto the floor. Generally, quite an uninspiring day! Rain is pattering on the van roof and the wind is blowing. Nevertheless, there was sufficient sun earlier to top the battery up to nearly full!

A progressively cool night and a cold start with some rain. Snow in the mountains and on the mainland in the Athens area. Forecast of snow in the mountain villages. The wind makes the temperature appear much cooler. Tomorrow’s high is forecast to be 8ºC with a low of 5ºC! Great joy!

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