Jolly Chilly!

It blew most of the night and it was raining at getting up time which confirmed my desire to remain in my pit eventually to get up around seven. We had an hour’s walk on The Promontory which was enough for me and even probably for the dogs. Luis was more interested in going back for his breakfast than racing off up the beach. Skinny had almost run to Plakaki earlier before working out that he was on his own. Obi had also gone ahead to return slightly before Skinny.

The dogs spotted Jorma and Fido who were under the trees by the beach. They went racing off and Jorma greeted them accordingly. I arrived in my own time. It was interesting to watch the interaction between Luis and Fido as they’ve not met up for a while. Sasha and Isabella meet Fido quite often on afternoon walks.

I fed all of the animals before embarking on a tour of the camping. The rain during the night had caused the boiler to go into a fault state and the power was off on the Lamp Pole. Johannes pointed this out to me as I passed. Lamp Pole was easy to fix however the boiler had taken rain down the flue which had caused the fault. This condition takes some messing around to get operational again. Meanwhile, I played with the air conditioner, which is really a heat pump, to see how well it heats when it’s cold outside. It takes a while to get going but did a good job at warming up the laundry room. I wasn’t able to measure the power consumption without clambering on the roof.

I went back to let the dogs in, for which they were very grateful. I made tea and then we all settled down to enjoy a quiet day inside keeping each other warm. I put on my thickest fleece as well as my long-sleeved thermal vest. Together with my heated gilet and heated pad, I kept comfortably warm throughout the day. Not forgetting my new long-arm gloves with the other pair on top! Thanks to Kirsti!

I amused myself with some gentle IT for Simon and also EG. The rest of the time was used with general admin and trying on my new boots. These are the ones which arrived a few days ago but which I’d not really tried other than to see they fitted. Today, I managed to put them on despite wearing my thick, Isabella socks which surprised me. They are quite malleable it seems as well as being fleece-lined to keep ones feet warm. They got an outing later on.

By afternoon, the dogs were getting fairly stir-crazy so I got the bowls together, put on their rice then took them for a second walk on The Promontory. I was right about them being stir-crazy!

We took in the rocks and they did lots of running about and frolicking. We passed the Belgian Boudoir who’d had to resort to using his generator as it was outside. I looked to see if he was around and I later discovered he was on the phone.

The food was ready so I got on with feeding the dogs as they seemed quite keen on eating for some reason. I was preparing food for myself when I head a voice from without. It turned out to be Luc, the owner of the Belgian Boudoir. There is more wind forecast for the next couple of days and little in the way of sunshine so he felt a rest in the camping might be in order. He knows everyone as he’s been around for a couple of months or more. He is now down by the Lamp Pole next to Johannes, Saga and Luna. I was invited to enter the hallowed interior of the BB and was suitable impressed. For one person, it’s very comfortable, perhaps less so for four, its design capacity. It’s well appointed as would be expected for Bürstner at only a mere 150,000€ . You can get the bog-standard model for as little as 100,000€. As he points out, it’s his home so he wants to be comfortable. I think he bought it new so it will outlive him.

I went back to finish preparing my food and then put on the electric heater to warm us up for the evening. Sasha has put herself right in front of it but she will eventually overheat and move. Or simply spontaneously combust.

The people who’d booked T3 wrote to say they’d decided to stay another night in Chania then make a decision about coming to Grammeno. I replied suggesting they might wish to visit Grammeno on a more propitious occasion. Good for everyone as they would not have had an enjoyable stay and everyone would have been a loser.

The max of 8.4ºC doesn’t really take into account the windchill which puts it less than 5ºC or thereabouts. Tomorrow and the next day are forecast to be colder with slightly warmer weather near the end of the week. I may need to consider using gas if we are to spend the next couple of days inside.

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