Continuing Chilly and Windy

I was delighted to hear the wind still blowing hard outside. I went back to sleep to wait until the troops decided it was time to get up. Around six-thirty Sasha and then Isabella started fidgeting so I knew it was time to move myself. We were out a little while after I’d put on my various layers as it was still cold.

It didn’t seem so bad as I crossed the field with the dawn light well on the way to the east. Once in direct line of the wind, I realised little had changed as it was still very strong. The BB and another, green vehicle were arranged in the beach car park.

We stuck to the shelter of the Promontory as it was a lot warmer. We wandered around in ever-decreasing circles for an hour or so. We lost Luis, Obi and Skinny at one point but they managed to catch up once they’d worked out we were not going up the beach again. We recrossed the rocks and then went back. The boys were quite keen to get back into the van. I took the ladies for a second walk. By then, the wind was not quite so strong and the sun was making a vain attempt at breaking through the cloud. I could see that it would be cloudy for most of the day and I wasn’t disappointed.

We went back. I fed the cats after a wander around the camping to see that most things were working, then it was the turn of the dogs. So what next? Go back inside as it was too cold and windy to ride anywhere without risking life and limb.

Much of the day was spent in the van with occasional forays onto the decking when the wind moderated or there was the rare moment of sunshine.

I cooked chickpeas for later and examined the fridge which has not been so empty for a long time. I shall have to go shopping tomorrow as it’s time for more DD’s and my diet would be seriously restricted.

It was warmer by 0.2ºC – gosh! The temperature remained the same most of the day although it appeared warmer when the wind calmed during the middle of the day.


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