All Clean!

I watched the first episode of Hotel Portofino which takes place in Italy the Roaring Twenties as Mussolini’s fascist party was coming to the fore. An amusing remark from the [British] cook who scorned the beef joint and the small potatoes before asking what olive oil had to do with food…

The blustery night turned into a slightly less blustery morning which was cold but clear and dry. Bonus!

The BB was alone in the beach car park and forgotten to turn off his outside light before retiring. It took me a little while to work out the source of the glimmer from the car park. Plakaki was easily attained as the river has been switched off so everyone who wished could arrive with dry feet. Several preferred a paddle anyway.

All arrived at the Plakaki rocks for biscuits as I’d made it very difficult for anyone to abscond into the gardens for nefarious purposes. It was even windier on the beach so I chose the track both ways which rather cramped Isabella’s style as she likes to explore the poly tunnels

The ladies came out for their walk which was a little later than advertised as we didn’t make it back to the camping before seven-fifteen. It was still windy so we didn’t hang about.

I fed the cats then wandered the camping for no particulate reason other than to check the hot water, empty some bins and take the glass for recycling. It was too cold and blustery for cycling so it was deemed more sensible to lug the crate across the field to the glass recycling receptacle than use my bike. I had my wing-men to ensure I arrived unharmed.

With the pussies fed, I did the same for the dogs then made tea and sat in the sun to check my emails. The wind had calmed a little and the sun had moved round so it was reasonably pleasant sitting inside under the awning. There were no special tasks requiring my attention, which I had a mind to do, so the morning slipped by.

I noticed the batteries were not charging as expected to discover the negative cable from the battery fuse was pretty much burned through. I removed and shortened the offending cable to discover it’s made of horrible aluminium strands with a copper coating rather than solid copper strands. With recent heating, it’s been made worse so my attempt to solder it failed. I finally borrowed a huge pair of grips from Jorma and crimped it. I need to acquire some pure copper cable and throw this stiff into the recycling.

A nice lady rang about bringing a group at the end of October/November. Regardless of my efforts trying to palm her off onto Maria she insisted in asking general questions about the camping which I answered. Mid-way through the conversation, a Czech family arrived, so I had to multi-task as I walked to reception.

The family have tents and were determined to camp despite my attempt to offer them warmer accommodation. I realised that money wasn’t that important seeing as they were driving a large Porsche SUV. They’re a nice couple with two daughters under-fifteen, who have fallen for the cats. They say they’ll stay for two nights and have been renting accommodation for the past couple of weeks. The girls are determined to camp. I hope their gear is good although they should be well sheltered.

Andrea told me he’s leaving early in the morning to fly back to Italy to be with his father who is eighty-eight and been bed-ridden for a couple of years. He’s left his van and will return as and when.

There have been a few visitors to the showers this afternoon with Kirsti at the van. She was followed by Jorma and then I slipped in before feeding the dogs. I’d prepared myself something to eat earlier in the day. The shower was hot and wet however I should have gone a little earlier so the sun shone through the roof.

I came back to feed the dogs, make myself a salad before retiring inside. The fan is on and all of the dogs are at the back this evening. Skinny and Luis are competing to be next to me. Oskar is curled up in the opposite corner of the rear bench and Obi has the side bench to himself. The girls are on the floor and Sasha is actually not completely blocking the fan for a change.

I have fakes in The Pot which are keeping warm as I write. My salad is also warming up.

Slightly cooler than yesterday due to the persistent, strong northerly wind. Plenty of sunshine which produced over ten kWh of power of which 8.15kWh ended up in the battery so we can go mad with the hearing again!

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