Shirtless II

It felt a lot warmer this morning mostly because there was very little wind so I was keener to get up and go. The dogs also seemed keener too.

The moon is in the last couple of days so provided little light not helped by the angle as it’s now very low. Goodbye moon for this month!

The river is running quite well but is easy for me to cross. Luis has to get his feet wet and possibly his knees too. He was keeping up well today although lagging a little at Plakaki. He came racing past me like a dog with the devil behind him when we arrived back at the Promontory. The new arrival, whose name I’ve forgotten, was out on the rocks fishing and seemed quite pleased to see the dogs. I had warned him when we’d be out and the fact they have flashing lights.

I came out with Isabella and Sasha and found him in another location with a similar number of fish as before. I’d warned him of the Skinny propensity for fish-theft but they made a fuss of each other earlier so he would possibly be forgiven for a little fish theft.

I fed the pussies then rode into Paleochora via Panorama. No stops were needed as I got bread and groceries yesterday. It was a pleasant and less hurried ride back to the Grammeno.

I had a leisurely morning once I’d made tea and fed the dogs. The sun was out and it was almost windless. A bee decided to visit and then seemed to have a problem to find his/her/its way out. I spontaneously and kindly opened both south-facing windows to allow the bee to escape which turned out to be a good thing later as it was quite warm and sunny again.

Kirsti came for Isabella so I took Sasha and we all had a chat with Xanthippos covering a variety of subjects including Fido’s transfer and eventual relocation to Finland. We both think that Toni will depart if he manages to find a better alternative. A shame as he’s a good chap however I can see things from his point of view given the remuneration and working hours during the season.

I came back to remove the inverter/solar controller from the side of the van in preparation to the eventual arrival of the new awning sides. Having the inverter on the battery caddy means I can make a better job of all the other connections and rationalise the cables and boxes. More thought is required to arrive at the optimal solution.

There was a support call from Sue at Inter Sport and one from Simon. Isabella came to remind me it was time to prepare the doggy rice and Sue had a call from Richard so I was released to attend to the doggy rice. I also cleaned the ceiling fan which would soon have started to grow crops if left much longer.

I was shirtless once more but the afternoons cool quickly once the sun weakens and the evenings are chilly especially when coming out of a warm van. The fan has just started up!

Warm and sunny after an almost windless start to the day. The outlook seems stable for the next few days.

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