It’s Summer!

It was with alacrity that I leapt from my pit to start my day with a lovely walk on The Promontory. They sky looked a little black, indeed I feared it might rain although the forecast said not. There was a visitor waiting by the gate so there were seven dogs this morning and three on the second walk.

I came back to deal with an IT task for Inter Sport then went to ride my bike. I considered the possibility of shopping but eventually decided it could wait until tomorrow. The road back was reasonably warm and sunny.

I’d received a message from Jarno whilst out, asking to put on a wash but I had time to feed the dogs and to make tea before doing that. I spent some while folding up hoodies and putting them into a vacuum bag which I suspect has a hole so not too good at vacuums.

It became quite warm so I opened the front of the awning area and put on the ceiling fan. Later, I moved out of the direct sunlight as it was too hot. The temperature reached over 27ºC under the awning at some point. I was wearing just summer shorts.

A courier called to say he had a package at reception which I duly collected. It was for Jarno, the electrical bits for his van he’d been waiting for. He has, I believe, relocated to next to Johannes and Saga. I suggested he might like to do that yesterday evening.

DHL called to say they have a delivery for me which should arrive on Saturday. The new awning sides hopefully. I should also receive my new hydraulic crimping tool too.

The weekend is the festival at the start of Lent so there will be some visitors in the camping. Hopefully, Bona will be in before then.

Johannes celebrated his 28th birthday with a suitably Finnish pancake party. Happy Birthday Johannes!

Warmer than yesterday and in excess of 20ºC. The last time it was over 20ºC was 17 January. The forecast shows wind on Sunday which will be a shame but otherwise calm, warm and sunny.


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