Progress Made

We walked as usual. A car arrived in the car park around 05:35; I wonder why. Luc has moved the BB elsewhere, probably to avoid the throngs anticipated over the next couple of days.

Skinny came with the girls again then I went into Paleochora. There’s a large marquee in the street near Synka which I had to avoid by taking a diversion. I didn’t need anything so didn’t stop.

Jorma came to do things with the new awning sides. We started with the end panel which is quite difficult as it’s an odd shape. We were learning as we went along. It was a struggle as the weight of the material is heavy. We managed to get two pieces up, the side and one front panel. The others depend on the framework of the awning being extended which requires more serious work.

In between this, I made the DD’s’ and put on a washing machine for Andrea who has returned from visiting his dying father. Jorma and I lugged tables and benches to M4,5,6, T2,3 and S3. They are expecting occupation tomorrow. I had a call later so have booked T5 for tomorrow. I also had another enquiry for a motorhome and a small cabin.

The family which arrived today are very nice. They are staying in M6 and I’ve given them the air conditioner from M1 as it heats. I tried it earlier and it’s very noisy. Frank talked about some party on Grammeno Beach which should hopefully take place in front of CBV which is unoccupied. The father of the M6 family speaks good English which is why we had a conversation. However, I was able to take a booking for tomorrow in Greek later.

It’s been a busy day so I won’t be sad to see the back of it. The same applies to the entire Holiday Weekend seeing as I’m on my own. Fortunately, Jorma helped carry the tables and benches as they are heavy. We both decided that we might be getting a little old for lugging heavy furniture.

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