Busy Day

I was woken in the night, not by Sasha wanting to go out but by YouTube which either I’d forgotten to turn off or had reactivated itself. It sounded interesting but not so much at 02:15.

The wind was strong at 05:05. I could have waited before going out but there was plenty of interest from below decks so I dressed and bridled the dogs. A car was parked in the Beach Car Park but was the only vehicle. I discovered later that it contained a dog. Any occupants would have had a rude awakening but it was on the second return run so just after seven.

Just the girls went out on the second walk. They disturbed some worm-drowners who were busily trying to entice some fish. It was still very windy and the sea was rough but the fish probably didn’t care much.

Whilst walking, I contemplated going for a ride but had decided it would be too windy. But then I needed some bread so needs must…

It wasn’t too bad as the wind was strong, constant and from the east so it was just a matter of keeping on. I rode over Panorama and the modified route to avoid the marquee which is still blocking the road, stopping at the bakery before passing Petrakis which was open. Hopefully, they’ll be open tomorrow too.

Coming back was a breeze because of the following wind. I stopped at the office to search for accommodation keys to find those of T2 were secreted about my accommodation. Oops! I put keys in the doors of the accommodations requiring them then went for tea as it was now time. I fed the dogs beforehand, naturally.

I initially reserved M4,5,6 and Ξ3 for one group for two nights. They said beforehand that one family couldn’t make it so they’d want only M4-5 and Ξ3 for one night, not two. When they finally arrived, they said the two remaining families’ children were sick so they needed just one accommodation. They arrived at the same time as the T2/3 families which was jolly handy. I saw them to their accommodations and they all paid up! How considerate. Only M6 to collect tomorrow as the guy who reserved T5 called later to say he wasn’t coming.

I had a little rest then occupied myself with little jobs, sitting in the sun and taking Sasha for a walk when Kirsti took Isabella. We agreed that it was very windy and not very warm.

I’d made food for later which has been cogitating quietly in the Pot much of the day. I put elastic on the bottom of the flailing awning sides now that they are part of the permanent doorway between the old and the new.

The dogs are fed, the wind is blowing hard and I’ve just delivered a fan heater to the M4 group as they’re convinced it will be cold in the night.

The punters will leave tomorrow and, if they wind calms in the night, they will be able to fly their kites as it the tradition on Clean Monday.

A very windy night followed by a windy day which remained fairly sunny and warm due to the easterly wind.


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