Some Kites

Plenty of wind in the night woke me a couple of times. I needed encouragement to rise from my boudoir which I received from Isabella and Sasha who were ready to get out to face the day. It’s much easier to get up early when it’s warm and you only need to drag on a T-shirt and shorts.

Luis appeared equally unenthusiastic as I waited for him to cross the field and join me by the beach. From then on, he kept going and was present almost at the same time as the others. Not so easy when you’re so close to the ground.

The sea on the Alonáki side was very excited and wandering up the beach. I kept to the trees as we walked to Plakaki and gambled with the possibility of wet feet crossing the river. The sea was running up the beach and pushing water into the river. Luis just waded through.

We crossed the rocks and causeway on the final part of the walk and I noticed a certain amount of enthusiasm to get back into the van at the end. The girls were keen to go out to do it all again.

We crossed the rocks and found a sheltered spot for FST then started to go back to the camping. The dog in the van joined us and ran around with the Crazies for a while. We wandered around on Grammeno Beach and Isabella and Sacher went in. The other wasn’t up for it.

I was greeted by the father in M6 offering me money when I went to feed the pussies. They seemed pleased with their stay despite the adverse weather conditions. Their teenage daughters enjoyed the company of the cats. The M4 family plan to come back in the summer and also perhaps about the same date in March, this time with the original number of families.

They’d all paid up and left by midday so I collected up the keys and Bona doesn’t need to clean Ξ3 or M5. She was there with her family. The boys were playing football on the beach.

The wind gradually moderated enough to allow some kites to fly. I called Matthew for a chat about a potential property purchase. He’s going to look at a flat in the High Street tomorrow. He told me of a maisonette for sale in Ousedale Close for £300,000 which I found later! I know exactly where it is too!

The afternoon was cloudy and chilly. The new sides are performing well but we need to make some structural changes before putting up the remainder. Tomorrow will be windier than today but there should be calmer weather from Wednesday.

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to Johannes, Saga and Luna who’ve been here since December. I think Kirsti and Jorma will miss their company and games together.

It’s also goodbye to February as Wednesday is the first of March. The clocks will go back in about one month! Where does the time go?

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