St David

It was lovely not to be blown away as we walked down the road towards the Promontory. It was dark but mild and not windy!

We arrived at Plakaki almost together. Isabella had to be called as she’d mysteriously disappeared. We walked back and then I took the ladies out on their own.

I had some washing to take down from the night before and put up what was in the washing machine. As well as feeding pussies as they seemed quite keen.

I rode to Paleochora where there are still puddles from the sea washing over the road by the port. A woman was washing the front of her house and cleaning the salt from her windows. I didn’t need to stop anywhere and I wanted to get back anyway.

There was another power cut from 09:00-15:00. I made tea and sat in the sun for a while before starting to clear away some of the clutter from under the awning. I’d moved stuff around in the storeroom to access tables and benches so a certain amount of reconfiguration was desirable.

Kirsti, Jorma and Fido returned from another visit to Lidl and I was presented with some broccoli. Kirsti and Jorma came to look at the awning area so that we could discuss possibilities for the front section works. The second batch of washing was ready to take down and I went for a shower.

I had a call from Dominik, who was here earlier in the season. He wanted to empty his cassette toilet and take some water on his way to Elafonissi. A guy called from Italy about a summer booking and someone sent a message asking if the camping is open now. Maciej is due to arrive somewhere between eight and nine. He’s bringing some friends, a couple who will be staying in S3.

Quite a busy day all-in-all

Monthly summary for February 2023
No wind and mild and sunny! Already the warmest day in March!


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