Sasha spent the night outside so I didn’t have to let anyone out in the night. For the second evening, Luis has returned his evening meal, last night in a convenient location on the floor. I scooped it up in a dustpan and deposited it in the camping to be devoured by any passing animal.

Our early walk passed unremarkably. I felt it was a littler warmer, there was some occasional wind mostly from the north which makes a change after the strong easterly of late. There were no vans in the car park, only a Swiss Mercedes parked on the track at the top of the beach. I took the girls out for a quick run round as I wanted to ride to Paleochora for some bread.

It seemed to be a lot windier in Paleochora so I went straight to the bakery and then straight back. I had a wash to put on for Frank which was followed by one for Mickey.

Jorma came to do more on the awning sides. There seemed to be a discrepancy between reality and the measurements on the drawings which caused a certain amount of confusion. I carefully examined the drawings and used the measurements to lay out the turn buttons but discovered some differences. I finally positioned the buttons using another method.

The German couple with the baby left today to visit the island so the fish will be safe for a little while, at least at Grammeno. Dennis was telling me about the ‘one that got away’. Sounded fishy to me! They will return to Grammeno as they’ve paid for thirty nights.

A Greek guy came looking for work but I suggested he might do better in April or May. I don’t feel I’ve done very much but I’ve not been sitting around wasting my time doing nothing either.

Windy at times, particularly in Paleochora. A sunny and warm afternoon.


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