Sasha was outside all night however Skinny made it his business to go out at 04:30. I didn’t bother going back to sleep and got up just before five.

It’s getting noticeably lighter in the mornings as we could see quite well at 06:15 and we were back by 07:45. Skinny loitered outside the gate so joined the girls on their second walk. I then went into Paleochora just to ride my bike as it was a wonderfully clear, bright and warm day. Indeed, I rode to the top of the mountain!

I had a message from Jarno requesting a laundry at 09:30 so I had time to feed the dogs before supervising that. My next task was to get the DDs going so that I could then sit down with a cup of tea before going back for the laundry.

With the passage from February to March, I needed to put together my monthly consolidation for Georgia. I’d not really been keeping up with things so had a little catching up to do. Consequently, a large part of the day was absorbed with admin. It was nearly 30ºC under the awning so quite relaxing.

There was an arrival who has paid to stay for a month. He’s down opposite the restaurant kitchen next to the sliding gate. He has to return to Germany by mid-April to attend several appointments. He showed me photos of his dog which died last summer. Very fluffy and quite large so lots of hair on the floor.

I had a good chat with Erica and Janna, who was about to depart to get a haircut. They will arrive 2 April and stay for around four weeks.

Later, I cooked the chickpeas I couldn’t be bothered to do yesterday so they will form part of a large salad lined up for this evening.

Sunny and warm but cooler than yesterday, after a calm but bright start. The outlook for tomorrow and Sunday is the possibility of rain and generally unsettled.


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