A Little Soggy…

No wind and positively mild as I wasn’t wearing a coat over my dog-walking hoodie. The forecast talked about the possibility of rain but the likely amount was small. It was soon light and our walk was unremarkable. Luis, who’d wandered into the camping and been repatriated by Kirsti, was the focus of my attention so would have found it difficult to disappear for very long. He kept up well and was not far from me for most of the walk.

After the second walk, I rode over Panorama for a stop at the bakery and then Petrakis where I picked up bread and groceries respectively. Mr Petrakis Jr was on the till and was showing off his new 4G POS card reader which was very quick at processing the payment. Chatting with the Canadian lady on the opposite checkout, she had a new screen and bar code reader embedded in the checkout counter. She mentioned that not all lines are presently in the system but these will be added over time. Hopefully, this implementation will be more reliable than the previous one. My ride back to Grammeno was very slightly damp but the rain wasn’t really trying.

I fed the dogs and made some tea and almost sat outside until I discovered it was cooler than I thought so I retired back inside. I hadn’t done the money for Georgia so I printed out the monthly consolidation report and counted out the cash.

Jarno called to say that he wanted to leave so I worked out his bill and went down to see him. Seeing as he only came for a couple of nights back at the very beginning of January, he stayed 32 nights over all with a one-month trip to Egypt in the middle. He is following Johannes, Saga, Luna and Happy via the Kissamos ferry to the Peloponnese but doesn’t have to be back in Finland until May.

When not fiddling with my spreadsheet or taking money, I watched some interesting videos on mini-split air conditioner installation and maintenance. All very exciting stuff and quite straightforward, just a matter of getting the operations in order and taking care over connections. And a vacuum pump as the line set, the copper pipes between the indoor and outdoor units, require evacuation to remove all air before releasing the refrigerant from the outdoor unit.

Some 3ºC cooler than yesterday with some short showers which increased the humidity so made the temperature appear cooler. The next couple of days are set to be unsettled.


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