Farewell Fido

When I studied the forecast last night, there was talk of rain early morning but much of it fell during the night including some thunder. In order not to be caught out, I rechecked the forecasts this morning as well as Blitzortung in case of a storm.

We left slightly later due to the checking. The moon has come back but was hindered by clouds so not effective for long. There was a westerly breeze as we crossed the rocks and the causeway. I walked past the French van and Greek car parked in the beach car park with Luc. Soon, we were at Plakaki and it was starting to get light. As all the dogs were there, we set off back to the Promontory.

I could see approaching rain and hoped we’d beat it but ended up sheltering in the big cave for five minutes whilst it pelted down. It didn’t last long so we were soon on our way and I was out with the girls plus Skinny.

I rode into Paleochora for bread and some DD’s stuff. There was quite a bit of moisture about so it probably rained harder in Paleochora than Grammeno.

I came back to Grammeno to find Kirsti, Jorma and Fido ready for the off. They plan to see some friends before setting off for Finland. There is now a large gap where their van has stood since the end of October.

Fido is a cute little dog who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for the past nine years. I hadn’t intended to give him up but I feel sure he is very happy in his new forever family. He’s no longer one of seven so gets all the love and attention he deserves. Luis is snoring next to me and, perhaps, in his own way, misses Fido. Since Fido’s departure, Obi has taken to sleeping inside the van almost every night and has taken over the shelf location from Fido. There’s no accounting for doggy behaviour. Both Isabella and Sasha were subdued for the rest of the day but this has always been the case for Isabella when Kirsti leaves. Perhaps we’ll meet again if they come back next autumn.

Other than enjoying the sunshine, I’ve pushed the rubbish container up to the gate so that it will get emptied and brought down the empty one. There’s a crate of bottles to go to the recycling in the morning. I returned keys to the office as well. The rest of the day was working out Kirsti’s bill which was quite complicated as there were a number of non-camping-related transactions to extract. Tomorrow, Andrea will leave so I worked out his bill too. Fortunately, I have some arrivals soon or the camping will be empty. Tomorrow evening, only Richard, Frank and Michael will remain – three vans in total. It hasn’t been like this in a while but quite normal for the time of the season.

I’ve just had a message from Fabrice who plans to come to pick up Marie-Christine’s van to repatriate it.

Obi and Skinny found some disgustingness which has caused the exploding dog syndrome. Obi exploded after eating this morning and only ate a small amount of this evening meal which he’s just given second-hand to Isabella, ably assisted by Luis. The latter did some exploding of his own only recently. Skinny has been banished outside and totally refused his food this evening. I’ve put it in the fridge for tomorrow. They never seem to learn…

The contractors have still not arrived to do the gardening around the camping. I know that Toni is still alive as I saw him in the camera as he came back with Maya and Rex after walking them.

Kieron had his birthday today. He’ll be forty next time. Not quite the teenager who travelled with Danny and I in the Smart Passion to Crete at the turn of the century. He then became part of the RSH IT squad and met Princess Anne!

Showery early but sunny and warm most of the day. No wind!

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