The alarm went off at 04:55 as I’m getting organised for the change of hour at the end of the month. I prefer to make the change in small increments than as one hour on the last Sunday. I’d prefer to not have to make the change at all. Despite the EU agreeing to abolish the change to summer/winter time a number of years ago, everything has gone quiet and the actual implementation of the decision has yet to be made.

There was plenty of moonlight as there were fewer clouds today. It was mild with a slight northeasterly wind so a hood was more comfortable. All the dogs arrived at the rocks so we crossed and were soon walking up the road to Plakaki. Even though we were out earlier, with little cloud to the east, dawn was already on the way. Sunrise is now 06:45 so it’s getting light around six on a clear day.

Skinny joined the girls and the thrower on the second walk which included plenty of ball chasing and dips in the sea. I reorganised my brain before going out on my bike with newly-charged batteries to Paleochora. With a following wind and full batteries it didn’t take long. I stopped at Petrakis for some groceries and replenished my big bean stocks as these are indispensable. The ride back was a little harder as there was the weight of the shopping as well as the wind which was now southwesterly.

I fed dogs, made the DDs and some tea then ventured out into the camping to greet the ‘new’ arrivals. In fact, like the London bus, they all came at once. Maciej and the German couple, Dennis the fisherman and family arrived shortly after the others. All repeat customers: they just keep coming back! There was quite a bit of wandering and chatting. Maciej reported that Poland was cold and snowy so it was a bit of a shock to his system. He plans to remain at Grammeno until it’s time for him to start his journey back to Poland for the summer.

I returned to the dogs to enjoy the sunshine. I’d planned to do stuff but that didn’t happen as I fell asleep. The shock of waking before five had got to me.

I went to scan and send the vehicle documents for Fabrice as he needed to know if he could drive the van on his ordinary licence. I was about to get a photo of the van’s odometer when a call came from Switzerland so I wandered back to the office to welcome a Swiss couple with their four-month-old baby. They are now parked up in front of the restaurant kitchen but I don’t know how long they plan to stay. Apparently, the Swiss government only allows the father two working weeks of paternity leave so you’re obliged to take unpaid leave to extend the time. From what I understand, the Germans get one year for both parents!

Manolis came to give me yet more lemons and oranges. The latter were running out but I still have lemons to last a lifetime! Perhaps I’ll surreptitiously give some lemons to the punters.

It was time to process the DDs and prepare something for myself as it was fast approaching five and the rice wasn’t even on. I bought some new potatoes and fresh broccoli this morning which I’m looking forward to. The spuds are either from Cyprus or Turkey so I hope they are earthquake-resistant.

Luis is next to me tonight; it was Isabella yesterday. She tends to take over the bulk of the space so I have to fight for my territory. Luis is more inclined to share.

Warmer than yesterday with similar amounts of sunshine. I need to get my ceiling fan operational. The weather is still forecast to be unsettled during the weekend but not too much rain.


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