The wind blew strong and hard throughout the night. I woke up to hear one of the aluminium rods in the awning sides bashing against the metal frame which holds up the roof above. I rose and went outside in the cold to push the aluminium rod further into the pocket at the base of the side. From then on I was able to go back to sleep once warm again. The alarm woke me. It was dark and very windy. The dogs were not moving so I set a timer and went back to sleep until 05:55!

It was around six-fifteen when we walked across the field. It was still windy but nothing like during the night. As time went on, the wind moderated still more and the sun came out! It was very pleasant as we walked back from Plakaki to The Promontory.

I left the boys and took the girls for their second walk complete with the ball and the thrower. By now, the wind was getting up again so it wasn’t as pleasant as before. I was deciding if I really wanted to ride my bike.

I rode into Paleochora for a stop at Petrakis which was almost deserted. I’d forgotten to get fresh ginger on my previous visit but picked up some other items as I was there. My ride back was quite pleasant but the wind was still building.

I fed the dogs and made tea before sitting down to enjoy the sun. Out of the wind, it was quite warm but the wind was very cold. I went on a walkabout to see what the gardening contractors were up to and to check with the customers. I discovered that the fisherman and his family will leave tomorrow to investigate the mainland. The two couples with the caravan and T5 left later. The van will return but now they want only T5.

I sent a message to Johannes in response to his video message via Viber. It showed him and Happy on a frozen beach in Latvia. Happy, oblivious to the cold was racing up and down whilst the camera panned over the snow and stacks of ice on the seashore. Apparently, the sea was frozen quite a log way out. Our conversation was very long and caused me to recharge my AirPods and put my phone on charge too. In Bulgaria, Johannes’ Volvo struck a large stone causing his front tyre to deflate and not be repairable. He doesn’t have a spare like many modern cars. The tyre had a run-flat capability but eventually gave up the ghost so he had to call a tow-truck to take him and the caravan to the tyre repair facility for a replacement. Fortunately, the wheel rim was still serviceable. He should be back in Helsinki this evening. Incidentally, I didn’t realise that Finland is in the Eastern European time zone.

The day continued sunny but with a chilly wind. The contractors are still working so I suspect they plan to finish the job in one hit. The dogs are waiting for their food so I’d better give them something to eat.

A cold and windy day with plenty of sunshine. Much colder than yesterday. The wind is forecast to moderate by midday tomorrow. It’s going to continue chilly with the possibility of rain on Thursday.


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