Dining Out

The wind calmed down during the night so it was reasonably calm just a little chilly. I even put on a coat, thankfully. Our walks were pleasant particularly as there are birds singing and it’s starting to get light earlier. There are some blackbirds which are really going for it. Almost Spring-Like!

I rode into Paleochora for bread and received a somewhat wonky loaf for my troubles. It will be even more broken by the time I’ve eaten it.

I fed animals and made tea for myself then worked out the bill for Dennis who was packing up in anticipation for departure. They plan to go back to the mainland then work their way home during the next few weeks. I’m not sure they’re too keen to be leaving and have threatened to return.

I had some serious wandering about to do just to pass the time. I then forced myself to sit in the sun and do some very very useful things. If only I can remember what they were.

Later, I received a call from Georgia informing me of some impending food so I joined some of the others on the decking in front of T4. They ate animals, I had stuffed tomatoes and a pepper and Zoe contented herself with a green salad with loads of onion as she’s vegetarian. We talked about work requiring action and so another season has begun. Georgia seemed quite chilled but then the season is just beginning. It was good to see Manos again. I’ll find out who is working in the kitchen soon I expect – very important!

There is a new guy, a Pakistani who speaks a variety of languages more or less effectively. I’ve yet to discover how good his Greek is. He tells me his focus is to earn money and then to settle down. He seems to like England so he tells me and probably can’t understand why I choose not to live there.

I did some IT stuff for Terry creating domains and setting them up. Just to keep my hand in. Pity I forget the DNS assignments as it would have been quicker. I’ve not set up any new domains for a while.

I managed to get to the shower before dining out. An occasion so worth a shower I thought. I wandered the camping a little more then called it a day as the dogs needed feeding. Not before telling the punters the Giant Toothpick will be coming at 08:00 to dig up some rocks. The punters will think there’s an earthquake!

The heater has just come on so it is a little cool as I suspected.

A little warmer than yesterday and quite pleasant once the wind stopped blowing in the afternoon.


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