Sasha decided she wanted to go out at 04:25 so kept fidgeting until I let her out. Only moments later, she was outside the door wanting to come back in. By this time, I was back in bed so I had no desire to let her in. She waited until I let Isabella and Oskar out when I got up after checking the weather when the alarm sounded.

It was still but cloudy and the moon was initially hidden but appeared later from behind a large cloud. The forecast was for rain later but I wasn’t surprised how cloudy it was. I was happy to be wearing a coat once more as it was around twelve degrees. There was a large, fluffy dog outside the gate so there was just a little excitement when I let them out into the field.

I walked briskly up the track to Plakaki where Luis didn’t quite make it before it was time to turn back but I gave him some biscuits anyway. I put in the boys and then took the three girls out with the thrower and ball.

Isabella and Sasha charged after the ball but Iera had already participated in a mad dash-around earlier so left them to it. She never gets to the ball first anyway.

I rode into Paleochora stopping at Petrakis for bits for the DDs then rode back to the camping. Some helpful individual had knocked out their broken windscreen on the unmade up section just a short distance from the Plakaki ‘Hotel’. With glass scattered all over, I diverted onto the tarmac.

I let out the dogs to discover there’s been a snowstorm in the van where Luis had scratched through the cardboard in front of the polystyrene foam blocking the door ventilator. I was just about to feed the dogs when a woman with her autistic son arrived in a large motorhome at reception. We walked the camping and she plans to stay at least two weeks so is now occupying the space where Saga and Johannes stayed for much of the winter. I settled them in then left them to it.

The ‘children’ are playing with their strimmers near to the reception but, as I discovered later, have made the entrance look pretty good. They have also cleaned up the motorhome pitches one of which is occupied by a German guy with his French wife. He tells me he lived in Greece for a number of years but now is based in Germany; they spend time touring in their van. He arrived just as I was serving the evening meal for the dogs. They say they will stay two nights and have paid ahead. Good for me!

From a sunny morning, the day became cloudier with a little rain in the afternoon. More rain has fallen early evening but I suspect most of the rain has diverted elsewhere as it’s nothing near the amount expected. Fine by me just that there has been little rain over the winter.

A cloudy start which became sunny later. Cloud in the afternoon with some rain showers but nothing like the amount forecast.


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