I watched the final part of Season Four of Bosch and confirm that he successfully solved the case and brought the perpetrator to justice without killing him. Difficult as the aforementioned had murdered his mother amongst several others. I watched the second episode of Upstairs Downstairs and will see how the series develops.

Sasha elected to spend much of the evening and all night outside so I was spared having to let her out as she could please herself. Obi, meanwhile, was more sensibly, inside.

Having checked the weather, I got up and took the dogs out. The sky was cloudy and the moon periodically disappeared. It is further to the east and entering its final quarter. It wasn’t too cold because we kept a good pace so were soon at Plakaki where everyone reported for biscuits. I watched the sky when it got lighter as the forecast was predicting rain. I considered taking the girls out after riding my bike but eventually took the girls at their normal time.

I completed my morning ride as usual, stopping for bread. It was starting to rain as I came out of the bakery. Fortunately, it didn’t rain too much and I was wearing a coat anyway. I fortified my brain before feeding the dogs then made tea. I was soon disturbed by an arrival, a British couple who’d come off the ferry. They’ll stay a few nights before exploring other parts of the island. Soon after, another German couple arrived who plan to stay a little while. Neither saw the camping at its best as it was intermittently raining.

I sent some stuff to Matthew for his taxes and some questions to ask the agents about the St Martin’s Lane flat which appears to have a new starting price of £260,000. Matthew is going to pester the agents to get some answers.

My UK mobile number will cease to function from tomorrow so I was making sure there were no accounts using it for authentication purposes. I think I have got the main ones but there will always be the one that got away.

The predicted rain developed into sunny intervals punctuated by heavy showers. Generally not such an amazing day from the weather point of view. There have been four arrivals in the past twenty-four hours. Probably the most so far this season.

I was reminded by Google that I was in Pourville twenty years ago today. It was part of the surprise Wrinkly trip where Danny provided transport and we stayed in a chateau where we slept in huge beds and ate breakfast from a long table in a massive room.

Much cooler than yesterday with cloudy conditions and frequent heavy showers. Fortunately, we were able to get most of our daily activities completed in the dry. Tomorrow may also be unsettled.


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