All In – Heater On

Hercule solved the problem of the elderly man murdered in his study. It was the policeman wot dunnit. I was also dragged out to welcome a couple who wanted to check-in at 19:30. I popped them into the free bay next to the German couple who are staying two nights.

My slumbers were interrupted by a [large] rodent scurrying around on the outside of the van. Either a mouse with heavy boots or a rat. If there’s a repetition, I shall have to consider a rodent-removal strategy.

Iera gave a little woof as I came out of the van just to remind me that she would be joining us for the walk for the second time this week. The forecast gave indications of rain but no commitment as to quantity which means very little will fall.

The three girls were chaperoned by Skinny who loitered at the gate to indicate his desire to join us for the second walk. The girls chased each other around the field and Skinny pottered along doing his own thing leaving the crazies to it.

I fed the moggies then rode over Panorama and around Paleochora. It wasn’t windy but rather overcast with some feeble sunshine. On my return, I was intercepted by Manos who was asking for a WiFi repeater for his caravan which is on the fringe of WiFi coverage. I gave him a repeater which I’d set up.

The UK couple with the elderly motorhome were ready to leave when I went to see them. I directed them to Paleochora to purchase a replacement hose to connect the water tank to the tap. It had failed emptying the content of the tank onto the ground. The woman looked at one of the small cabins for her daughter who is camping. A good idea maybe as it’s raining quite heavily right now.

I went to see the other English couple to talk about some trips they’re considering. I left them with four of the cats which gradually invaded their van as we talked.

The cleaning of the camping progresses and they are now starting the front section which is occupied by customers at present. Fortunately, Toni doesn’t understand that it’s necessary to run the strimmer at full power sending stones and dust flying in all directions to damage everything within range.

I eventually returned to the van to be assailed by starving moggies protesting at the lack of food. The reality is there is plenty of food just that it’s not what they want to eat. They were happy with this food until I gave them some of the other which Anke had left behind for them. Now they only want the other but I still have 10 kilos for them to eat.

Rain is falling outside, the dogs are all inside, their rice is cooking and the fan heater is switched on. If Luis hadn’t chiselled a hole in the polystyrene blocking the gas vent, the van would be warmer. I blocked the vent a while ago as I don’t use gas anymore.

Reasonably settled early on turning to persistent rain later. Tomorrow is forecast to be more settled by windy. Things should warm up in the middle of next week.


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