I was wake just after four so got up at 04:30 so we were on the road just after four forty-five. Luis seemed a little lethargic so I needed to chivvy him along on occasions.

It was still dark when we arrived at Plakaki as it was only around five-fifteen. Luis didn’t quite make it for biscuits but we collected him up on the way back. The boys were back inside by six-fifteen and the girls before seven.

I rested my brain then set off for Paleochora and a visit to Petrakis. I timed my visit just after school began which was a bonus as there are fewer cars cluttering up the road after kiddy drop-off time. Yiannis said he was feeling so-so as I checked out so our conversation was brief.

It was good to ride back without wind although the sky was very overcast with some black clouds. I fed the dogs when I got back as Iera was still with us.

The doggy dinners needed to be prepared which was my next task as well as to make tea for myself. I had a brief diversion when Iera was picked up. Apparently, Iera’s daddy was away in Chania so was unaware of her latest escape. He tells me Ms Loufadaki keeps leaving the doors/gate open whereupon Iera takes the opportunity to do a bunk. I understand she is fifteen and not twelve as he mentioned previously. I was gifted some large tins of dog food as reparation.

I suspect the Royal Visitors have departed. I kept busy performing important tasks as well as a chat with our Pakistani worker and Michael. I think they were both bored: the former watering the carob trees and the latter just needing to have a chat.

The day was generally overcast and there were a few spots of rain. I warned the punters of the plan to treat the carobs for parasites and Toni would be spraying fertiliser on the trees. He also kept busy fixing up the irrigations system ready for summer.

I spent time raking up and disposing of some of the wreckage created by Sasha. Hopefully, she is approaching the end of her wrecking phase. Even I am getting fed up with the mayhem in the compound.

Around three it started to rain so I covered my bike whereupon it stopped raining. I processed the DDs ready for later then prepared something to eat for myself.

It’s been generally quiet as the wind has left us, giving way to almost flat calm. The sky was overcast all day so we never saw the sun. Fortunately, the solar water was still warm when I went for a shower after my raking.

Cloudy and overcast but almost still and not cold. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunnier and warmer.


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