Washing Day

I was falling asleep so went to bed and slept until Sasha wanted to go out around 03:15: she was quick so I was soon back in bed. The alarm was the next event of the day.

Some spots of rain fell as we walked to Plakaki. Luis didn’t make it all the way today and it was a little darker as there was a lot of cloud especially to the east.

We dropped off the boys except for Skinny who went around again. The other two were as crazy as ever chasing after the ball as well as each other. Even Skinny did some running around and could outrun both of them if the urge took him.

I calmed my brain and then rode to Paleochora for some bread, my only stop. It seemed quite busy today. The builders are still working at Anatoli so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Another bag of dog food was required before I could feed them. Luis was stressing as he could hear me decanting doggy biscuits outside. I fed the girls first then the others. I put the bowls on the floor so they know where to find them so they rush out and start munching.

The door ventilator after being attacked over several mornings by Luis. The plastic is probably original and very brittle and the cardboard and polystyrene foam was put there by me to get rid of the freezing draught. I don’t use gas anymore so the ventilator is redundant.
Luis-resistant steel plate. That should slow him down. If not, I’ll tie his legs together!

There were four washes today and one is on the timer to finish at 07:00 tomorrow. The next wash is lined up ready to go in when that one comes out.

I had to replace the speed controller for the ceiling fan as it was so hot under the awning and it wasn’t working. The speed is controlled by a transformer which is effective but not particularly efficient. The transformer gets hot when the fan speed is low, the plastic casing around the transformer heats up and becomes brittle. Eventually, the transformer breaks free and the thin copper wires break off. Fortunately, I had a spare controller but will buy a Sonoff controller which acts as a timer, speed controller and can be controlled via a phone app or a programmable remote control which would be lost instantly.

Manos came to tell me he was making a bean stew for the workers which would be ready at 15:00. I was slightly late but needn’t have worried as Toni and Amir, the new guy, were nowhere to be seen. They turned up eventually by which time the washing machine had finished. I delayed taking back the wash until I’d finished. Manos had cooked for five so I got to eat the extra meal as I don’t eat the things involving animals. There was still loads left so I’ve put that in a large container in the fridge as they’ll be eating animals tomorrow. It’s nice to have food prepared by someone else!

I took the last wash to its owner and then loaded the overnight one. It’s the first reasonable day for a while so everyone wants to catch up with their washing.

All quite busy really

Overcast morning with a few spots of rain. The afternoon was warm and sunny with a little wind later.

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