I Bought A Welder

The wind didn’t blow so much during the night but had started up by getting up time. I was delighted. However it’s likely the weekend will be calm. We were out the gate just after five to be buffeted as we walked along the beach. There were no vehicles in the beach car park.

Luis’ problem slowed him down a little however he gamely kept up and attempted to get to Plakaki meeting us on the way back. I still don’t know what’s bothering him but he eats and barks pretty much as usual so it can’t be that serious.

Skinny joined the girls for the second walk which was speedy and brief due to the wind and my desire to get back quickly. Not that I had much to do other than a little light brain care and some brief computery things.

I went out to Paleochora just after eight and stopped for bread on the way. There was a following wind on the return journey!

I took down and folded the sheets which had dried overnight. Fortunately, none had blown onto the ground as the evening was positively breezy at times. I deposited them all in the bedding store to add to Bona’s woes.

Maria warned me of the possibility of people wanting T1 and one of the small cabins for a couple of nights over the weekend. The quoted prices are quite high so we’ll have to see if they arrive. March 28 is Independence Day so a Public Holiday. I expect Litsa and Manolis will materialise for the weekend and the holiday.

Work progresses around the camping. Manos came to tell me he’s painted the rear of M4-6 and would apply a second coat to the back tomorrow. The rear was more affected as it faces east so sees the sun early in the day. Toni was digging somewhere and I saw him looking for rocks in the children’s play area.

Meanwhile, I was engaged in important research into the wonderful world of inverter MIG welders. I have since purchased a MIG/TIG/Flux/Stick welder, a kilo of flux-cored welding wire, a hat with automatic screen darkening and some long welding gloves. I just need an angle grinder which I’ll pick up locally. The flux welding wire is more expensive but it doesn’t require gas from a bottle to protect the weld pool. The welder itself weighs only six kilos as it has an inverter and not a transformer. Everything is coming via Skroutz and should hopefully appear within the next week or so. I will then be able to progress my awning project and will be able to use up most of the spare metal tube left over from previous projects. I have also earmarked other pieces of metal which have be loafing around the camping for millennia so unlikely to ever be used. The game is always to order what you need for a project ignoring stuff left from previous ones. I’m just reusing and tidying up all the bits.

I found time to make up the DDs which are awaiting the rice which should now be ready. The dogs are becoming restless so I’d better oblige.

Another windy evening and early morning. The middle of the day was less windy and sunny. The wind should drop for the weekend at least.


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