Independence Day

Sasha needed a short walk at 03:55 but came back extremely quickly. Obi, however, risked the whole night outside.

It was just after five when we left the gate. I was not wearing a coat as it was warm and there was no wind. The sky was clear with an abundance of stars. Luis seemed to be keeping up well at the start but disappeared on the way to Plakaki. The others, except for Oskar, made it for biscuits and there was only a very brief incursion into the garden, mostly by Skinny. Sasha was chewing something bone-like so was only mildly interested in my biscuits. We walked back along the sandy shore having dissuaded Obi and Oskar from dallying.

It was getting light by the time we reached The Promontory so more biscuits except for Luis, and then on towards the rocks and back.

Skinny seems to like accompanying the girls on their walk and we were joined by Luis as we reached the beach road. At the end of the walk, the three larger dogs went tearing along the shoreline presumably chasing birds. There was no need to call them as they came back without prompting so we could return to the van together. Luis simply watched from afar.

I fed the pussies then rode into Paleochora where there was little activity as everything, including Petrakis, was closed for the holiday. I rode back along the cycleway passing some pedestrians on the way. For a change, I crossed two cyclists on the outbound trip.

Mickey wanted the washing machine so I was able to deal with him after some brain relaxation and dog-feeding. Only one machine and one arrival so far today.

I made some tea and sat in the sun with my computer as it seemed like a good way to pass the morning. The gentle browsing gave some useful results as I found a fairly local Greek supplier for coconut coir. The first six blocks were ordered and delivered with the composting loo however I’m now down to the last brick so need to re supply, preferably locally as the cost of sending the product from the store in Germany is prohibitive. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a garden supplier which sells blocks which yield not only 6-8 litres of medium from one block but sixty litres. Moreover, each block is 12€ plus delivery which may be as little as 8€ by haulage rather than courier. I’m still awaiting the final delivery charge before completing the order.

Other activities included working out the best way to modify the awning structure causing the minimum of disruption and structural change. I looked at a variety of possibilities and think I’ve now come up with a solution which will give the best results. I don’t need to rush headlong into it as the days are getting warmer and the chance of rain diminishing. I’ll be able to take down the remains of the old sides and remove the awning rail. It will then be much easier to work on erecting the structure without having to rush in case of strong, cold winds or rain.

The sun is sliding down behind the storeroom so it’s getting cooler outside. At least it’s still comfortable to be out here and not have to sit inside until after the dogs are fed. They’re all trying to tell me something I suspect.

Warmer than yesterday due to not having wind, southerly air and plenty of sunshine. The punters Maria threatened didn’t materialise only a couple of Swiss in a van who like to surf


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