As predicted, the Luxembourger arrived as soon as I started to serve the Doggy Dinners. He turned out to be a nice chap who started off life as a Belgian but morphed into a Luxembourger. He’d no sooner had the tour, chosen his place and passed through the barrier when another vehicle with Bulgarian plates arrived. The couple turned out to be German/Russian but now resident in Bulgaria with the appropriate ID too. They have a young dog with them and another five at home being looked after by their son during their absence.

I eventually got back to the dogs to feed them to find that everything was still as I’d left it. I fed them then got on with constructing my salad with chickpeas. I wasn’t late to bed as I wanted to move back another fifteen minutes to get back some of the time lost in the morning due to the hour change.

Sasha was out all night and Isabella woke me at four wanting to go out. In the end I let both back in to enjoy a little peace until 05:30 when it was time to get up.

The sky was starry, there was little wind and it was clear as I looked towards the easterly horizon. It’s no longer possible to see the sunrise now that it’s travelled back behind Paleochora and the mountains. A little disappointing in winter but a blessing in summer when it’s hot as it delays the time when the sun’s rays start to heat the place up.

Luis disappeared almost immediately but reappeared at the second biscuit stop. I think he just cut the corner. He didn’t make it to Plakaki in time but then neither did Oskar who was engaged elsewhere on some important mission. Luis managed to come back with everyone else so only Skinny accompanied the girls on their walk.

I went to Paleochora with no stops and a more demanding ride back as the wind had got stronger since the outbound trip. The bike batteries were low but were still able to give me enough support to counter the wind. They will be charged during the early hours tomorrow.

I had DDs to prepare so moved on with that before making tea and sitting in the sun. I tore myself away to take the money from the Swiss couple who planned to leave in the evening. They then went off for a 60km ride in the mountains and have only just left the camping. I suggested to the ‘Bulgarian’ couple that they might take the Swiss place as they are quite near to Maya and have a young dog of their own.

Other than do some washing, long overdue, and change my bedding, the remainder of the day has been taken up with small tasks including a new case for my iPhone so that I can clip it to my shorts or other garment during the warmer weather. My faithful shorts with pockets are only now fit for going in the sea as they’re so faded and the waist elastic has perished. I had a phone call from the Grow-it company advising me that it would cost 8€ to send my coconut blocks via haulage in stead of 18€ via courier. I commented on the quality of their website and the general ease of their purchasing experience. The representative was suitably grateful however I have yet to receive the email containing the payment link so that I can complete the transaction.

Altogether, it has been a sunny, warm and fairly calm day although things will change tomorrow evening with some wind and cold weather will be with us on Wednesday when the wind changes back to the north.

Interestingly, Georgia has just driven to the reception barrier, Zoe has opened it and then they have driven back into the camping. I’m not quite sure what the purpose of that manoeuvre is all about. I see they’ve now left the camping altogether and the barrier has been left up. Why are they so lazy! Perhaps they just forgot something.

Cooler than yesterday but sunny and warm despite a strong breeze earlier.


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