I retired to bed to relax and enjoy a pleasant bedtime meditation from Balance. It worked as I was long gone before the meditation ended. My blissful slumbers were then rudely disturbed by Luis frantically barking at some external event from under my bed. His barking triggered a series of warnings from me which he totally ignored so I was eventually forced to get up and unceremoniously eject him to the decking where he arrived like a crash-landed Jumbo. There he stayed the remainder of the night.

At one point, he further increased my ire by responding to some distant barking. Again, I got out of bed, found my torch, found his collar, found Luis, applied the collar and prevented him from following me back inside. Sasha had already bolted in as I came out. It was a windy, chilly night.

I continued to ignore Luis in the morning as we walked the Promontory and the beach to Plakaki. In fact, I was feeling less than amused due to the sequence of events and that this is not my favourite time directly after the hour change. Nevertheless, the Cold War has thawed and so now we’re again on speaking terms.

My humour was also tested because Obi disappeared somewhere between Plakaki and The Promontory. At least he was to be found wandering outside the compound gate when I went out to feed the cats. My day did not get off to a good start.

The wind was behind me as I rode to Paleochora after the second Sasha/Isabella/Skinny walk. There was only one stop which was to look up the price of angle grinders in the hardware store. There was one in the window but no price was attached. The dogs were eventually released once I’d completed my morning meditation.

With no other demands on my time other than the washing up and to make some tea, I sat waiting for the sun to come as the wind continued to blow outside. The dogs were on the decking but I chose to remain inside as I’d reverted to a coat and had even considered gloves for my ride to Paleochora.

The mornings are still rushing past due to the hour change interfering with my normal program. One of the factors which encouraged me to a bedtime meditation with the hope of an invigorating yet relaxing night’s sleep. Instead…

Following the spate of departures yesterday, there were none today. ACS called earlier to announce the arrival of a package so later I received a call from the courier himself. My welding helmet, gloves and fan controller had arrived but I was unable to play with my toys until later. Toni told me he’d finished installing new cisterns so we went together to examine the plumbing in the main bathrooms. Several shiny, new cisterns were glistening from within the cubicles. We checked other areas including the kitchen and Toni agreed to order in a selection of plastic wastes and some flexible water supply hoses for the taps. These generally fail quite regularly so a stock in hand is a great asset. Having completed my management task, I returned to examine my purchases. The helmet and gloves were together in one box and the fan controller in a much larger box than the actual size of the item. This is because smaller boxes get more easily lost in transit so the additional cost of some extra cardboard and fresh air seems a good investment.

Strange alien being. For the price, the helmet seems excellent value as it’s auto-darkening and works both for welding and grinding. The display has a green tint in clear mode and is black in dark mode. There’s a large external knob so that the darkness can be adjusted whilst looking through the lens. Two spare external shields are supplied for when the originals become scratched or damaged. Inevitable whilst welding in close proximity or grinding.

I received a call from a German couple with a young son and a tent. We toured the camping and they are now on the beach front for a couple of nights.

Frank came to ask me how much longer he could stay in his location by the bar. I suggested he might wish to move before Easter so he’s considering relocating to somewhere along Alonaki Beach until it gets too hot for him.

The three larger dogs have just enjoyed a mad couple of minutes of chasing each other around the compound and making a lot of noise. The smaller dogs simply looked on from a distance seemingly more interested in the imminent arrival of their supper. Mine is already prepared. It’s good to see Skinny, Sasha and Isabella fooling around together as Skinny really didn’t like Sasha when she arrived at the end of April.

Much cooler than yesterday with a chilly wind which has fortunately subsided. It’s now getting warmer but nothing like recent days. Tomorrow should start with no wind and the temperature should gradually rise as the weekend approaches.

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