April Fool

We went on another extended walk with everyone and managed to actually return with everyone. Furthermore, everyone was mostly walking together although Luis and Oskar had periods of absence. Luis mostly because he likes to investigate and is closer to the ground than the others so progress can be slow. Oskar gets distracted and sometimes disappears into a parallel universe.

One excitement was when a man in a big van opened up the rear doors of his vehicle then stood outside admiring the landscape. The dogs felt he might be lonely so offered him some company. He seemed happy with the arrangement so I left them to it before eventually gathering them up.

I went to Paleochora for bread and some doggy dins ingredients but received a call from the Anglo-German couple who wanted to check-out at 09:00. I didn’t feel like coming back so invited them to meet me in the lay-by outside Paleochora. They paid, we chatted a little while and they left when Maria called me. She was alerting me to the later arrival of some tent campers. I went into Petrakis and the bakery then returned to the camping.

The couple with the little boy and the cat-attacked tent checked-out so there was now plenty of room for the later arrival. I have other arrivals tomorrow so needed to check T5 to avoid any disappointment. Bona had forgotten to put towels out and I spent time collecting together pots and pans should they wish to cook. I also made sure they had a good supply of cutlery. I had to go to several of the cabins to manage to get sufficient knives. Other items were gathered from various locations.

I took away the bottle crate to empty it tomorrow morning and pushed the dumpster up to the gate for the rubbish technicians. I then went back to the dogs and emptied my loo and changed the coconut coir using some of the big blocks I received yesterday. The new blocks are easier to work with as they’re not so compressed. Needless to say, I didn’t expand 60 litres and just sawed off about as much as I needed. The remainder I used for planting things. Imagine that!

I felt I deserved a little rest so sat in the sun and might have fallen asleep for a while. My afternoon was interrupted by the arrival of an English couple who have taken the place vacated by the other English couple who left yesterday. There was actually someone bathing in the sea and people were enjoying themselves and cooking in the restaurant area.

Another call from reception was the arrival of the person who called Maria early this morning to ask if there was space for their tent. They have taken the spot vacated earlier but are staying only one night. They had a rental Jeep which is seriously red and has a four litre engine. The things probably weighs well over a tonne.

I had an update from Kirsti, Jorma and Fido who are currently in Estonia where it’s quite snowy. They’ll be back in Finland soon no doubt. Fido seems to be performing well as a passenger.

The day was coming to an end so I returned to the the dogs and fed them. They are now sleeping off their dinners. I don’t have many plans for the remainder of the day.

Cooler than yesterday despite the sun feeling very warm when I was recharging my loo.
Weather summary for March 2923

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