Late Start

As predicted, there was more rain in the night which continued until it was light. It was late by the time we went onto the Promontory. The sky was very cloudy and I could see approaching rain. We managed a complete circuit then there was a brief shower which drove us back to the van.

I found there was no electricity as the breaker on the wall box had tripped for some reason. No sooner was the shower over than the sun came out but the battery was not charging as the BMS charge circuit was still off. I decided to removed the BMS so the battery would charge and left it whilst I took the dogs out again.

By now, it was cloudy but only a very little rain fell so we were able to walk to Plakaki and back and then around most of the Promontory. Waves were breaking over the rocks making it almost impossible to cross without the risk of wet feet or legs. So we turned back. There were some sunny intervals so we lingered a while.

I fed the dogs, made tea and sat down before going off to collect money from Sebastian, the French guy. He’s only fifty but disabled due to a motorcycle accident which affected both arms rendering one useless. He lives in his van on his disability allowance without annoying anyone. He’s travelled about visiting several of France’s external territories including Réunion. It’s good to speak French again as I don’t practice enough.

I had a chat with Jessica’s husband who joined them on 31 March. His father had Alzheimer’s so he’s been helping to look after him. He spent his younger years in Berlin although he was born in Chertsey.

I had a chat with Bona whilst she was ironing. She’s given me a list of stuff for tomorrow including some spinach pies for the children and some horrid energy drink for herself. I said I’d pick up the drink when I visit the bakery and Petrakis in the morning. I might pop into the dentist too as I have a slight toothache.

Janne wanted to print some invoices so I took round his ink cartridges. We discussed the electricity outage and rather abrupt switchover. This is caused by the BMS suddenly chopping off the battery leaving the inverter trying to switch over. If the inverter controls the battery low-voltage switch over, it connects the grid before releasing the battery. I mentioned they’d used nearly 12kWh of electricity. After discussion, we narrowed it down to the fact they have a heater in their bathroom all night and ran the air conditioner in heating mode for a few hours. I couldn’t understand why so much power was drawn during the night. Using Georgia’s new pricing structure, that would have amounted to almost 12€ just for electricity! Janne now has a better understanding of where the electricity goes and can use his EWeLink app to see what uses it up so quickly.

The remains of the afternoon passed painlessly and included a shower as there had been much more sunshine than expected and far less rain. Potatoes and runner beans tonight with some broccoli!

A went night and early morning leading to a showery but eventually sunny day. It was colder than the previous day. A strong southerly wind was blowing the sea up Grammeno Beach.

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