Washing Season

The morning was chillier than I’d imagined. I started off with a coat but left it on a tree branch when we went on the second walk to Plakaki. I was even more daring when it came to riding into Paleochora as I had no coat at all.

The wind is still from the southwest so the trip into was much quicker than the return as it was against the wind. I had a more complicated order at the bakery as I was buying pastries for Bona’s boys: two spinach pies and one cheese. She just wanted me to get her an energy drink from Petrakis where I did the rest of the shopping. Today, I ordered some more dog food and bought a cauliflower, the leaves of which went into the DDs.

I dropped off Bona’s orders and then came back to feed the dogs and make the DDs. I eventually sat down and drank some tea for a little while anyway.

There was a request for the washing machine which had to wait as Bona is going through all the cabins and washing everything. Indeed, the second round of sheets is on my line right now.

I heard that Georgia will be arriving tomorrow so got it together with March’s money and generally caught up with camping admin. Later, there was another request for the machine which I worked in between Bona’s washes. She is spending hours ironing the sheets which we agreed would be much quicker with a roller ironing machine.

There was an enquiry from a Dutch customer who conveniently turned up late afternoon. Manos had made some wonderful beans so we were all stuffing these down before they arrived. I’m told I can come back with a container and mop up the remainder so I’ll be ok for a day or two.

Bona finally went home as she said she felt a little under the weather. I’ve just felt tired so have not minded sitting in the sun and falling asleep. I don’t have to prepare food so it’s going to be a relaxing evening once the dogs are fed. The DD’s have been processed so we’re just waiting for the rice.

Janne and Erica went on a field-trip to Azogires which they say has changed quite a bit. The mining operations have drastically altered the landscape.

Warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine. Tomorrow is forecast to be wet from around nine to twelve.


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