Goodbye Maciej

There was some gentle barking around 02:10 so I went outside to investigate as I knew Sasha was inside. She followed me out so together, we let Iera in. She settled down under the awning and slept silently until morning. Sasha came back in with me.

The alarm was a little earlier as I’m trying to get back the hour lost during the change. It’s easier to get up earlier when the moon is up as it’s not so dark. By the time the moon disappears, it’s getting lighter anyway.

We walked the extended walk with the intention of being clear of the Plakaki area to avoid the large, black dog. He was out early too and there didn’t appear to be a problem. We waited for a few moments on the rock before heading back, just to let him have full use of the beach without interruption.

I rode to Paleochora and back just to buy bread as I knew I’d be going back again later to see the dentist. I relaxed my brain and then released and fed the dogs.

The sun was out so we relaxed to enjoy it and me my tea. I didn’t have a very active morning reserving my energy for the trip out later. I was pondering what to do with the dogs when I went out when Janne came to tell me that he and Erica would be going out for a walk.

In a moment of madness, I went for a shower and even shaved in preparation for my dentist visit. I’d said I’d see Maciej before I went but I ran out of time.

It was a pleasant ride to Paleochora and the previous victim was still in the chair when I arrived so I amused myself whilst waiting. My appointment was very short as I’ve lost the crown on my bottom, rear right tooth so it’s another root canal followed by a new crown. It seems I shall have a series of appointments over the next four weeks with a bill of 400€ at the end. I mentioned we’d not been spending time together since my previous series of treatments over a year ago so we’ll have plenty of opportunity to catch up.

I returned to find Sasha waiting outside the field gate as she’d jumped over the fence but was unable to get back in. I sat down in the sun to find myself asleep. It was then time to prepare the doggy rice and something for myself.

The poo pump alarm went off so I gave Toni the joyous news so he and Ameer will have huge fun changing the pumps.

Janne told me their walk was enjoyable but precipitous which is not one of Erica’s favourites. He mentioned it was quite a demanding walk which was almost a climb at times.

I fed the dogs then went to collect Maciej’s money. He was in the process of preparing his last supper which included some vegan pesto he bought from Petrakis. I read the ingredients which don’t include too many poisonous items. He will leave later and catch the ferry to the mainland tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll continue to communicate occasionally.

Kirsti sent a photo of Fido dashing around happily in the snow. He needs to get used to it as it will soon become a feature of his life.

Warmer than yesterday and mostly sunny with little wind. Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy with the possibility of some rain.

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