I needed a coat and hat today as there was a slight northerly wind which was quite cool. The sky was totally overcast shutting out the moon and any chance of first light or dawn so it appeared very dark.

Luis went AWOL early on and I didn’t want to hold up the others waiting for him so we continued over the rocks and up the track to Plakaki. Oskar and Luis never made it to the end so I set off back with those that were.

We completed the second Promontory tour and picked up Luis and Oskar so the full compliment set off for the second trip to Plakaki, this time taking in the rocks. Luis decided that biscuits were not a suitable incentive to bother to scramble over the Plakaki Rocks so waited for us back on the beach.

The Large Black Dog was wandering around and his owner appeared as we walked back but I whistled and they all obeyed so we retired in an orderly fashion. Other than frighten the sheep a little, which is not hard to achieve, there were no further excitements until back at the van.

I went into Paleochora and stopped at Petrakis for some largely unnecessary items other than Bona had requested more ghastly energy drink. So I purchased several to stay ahead of the game. It’s annoying going into the supermarket just to pick up one tin of drink.

The sky was still grey as I rode back and there were even a few drops of rain on they way. Some walkers were strolling along taking up the entire cycleway and pedestrian path so I mowed them down as expected.

I came back to a reasonably quiet compound only Sasha making a noise as she’d gone over the fence and found herself outside once more. I need to move the fan which is facilitating her escapes. Failing that, I shall reinstall the electric fence which will quickly stop that game.

I relaxed my brain then fed the dogs before preparing the DDs and making tea. The day was still very overcast so the inverter quickly switched over to Grid as the battery was below its changeover limit.

I didn’t really participate in the rest of the morning other than to collect Bona’s 2€ for her drink and agree to buy a spinach pie for her tomorrow. She will eat this when her other half arrives to prove to him that she’s eating and not guzzling energy drinks. I am part of this subterfuge. But she’s a big girl so can make her own choices.

The morning drifted by remaining grey and miserable. The dogs were mostly inside and the Instant Pot cooked the DDs. I’m sure I was very productive at times I just forget when. Indeed, I did venture into the camping in search of the charger for the anti-bark collars. This had become separated from the collars during one of the great clear ups. I charged one of the collars as I knew I’d be invited to Fika at five so wanted to assist Sasha in the art of not barking during my absence.

Janne and Erica went out for a bike ride and I passed an uneventful afternoon doing nothing much in particular. That was until a British family arrived to stay in M4. I detected a certain relief when I answered the phone with “Good Afternoon”. The family has two young boys of indeterminate age and the usual range of parents. They are staying in M4 until Friday when I think they’ll fly back.

I went for Fika with Erica and Janne to be greeted by the National Anthem as I arrived somewhat late having been intercepted by Michael as it always they way when I’m trying to get somewhere on time.

I had an enjoyable chat and drank lots of tea until rain stopped play as the electricity went off. I wasn’t surprised to discover the RCD in my wall box had tripped. Janne had removed the linking cable and the RCD didn’t trip again. We can therefore isolate the connecting cable leaving some other area as the culprit for the earth leakage. It seems the RCD in the wall box is much quicker than that in the nearer box as it always stops first, isolating everything. We might have to investigate the cause of the problem which only manifests itself whenever it rains. Some external cable at Janne’s end. When this trips out, it brings down the WiFi over much of the camping as well as the bar and storeroom cameras which share the same section of the network. The fault has only recently become apparent as it didn’t rain whilst they were here in October and I switched off the spur to their van when they were not here.

Sasha jumped out of the compound once more and put herself into a barking loop due to the collar. It was more amusing for us than for her. Why it’s important to be on hand the first time(s) the dog uses the anti-bark collars. Isabella is an old hand but seemed quite concerned when her companion was yelping and running around like the proverbial headless chicken.

They were all quiet when I was feeding them so her experience may have influenced the others. They are sleeping now although Obi appears to be outside.

Cooler than yesterday and generally grey and uninspiring although not cold or windy. Tomorrow is expected to be cloudy with sunny intervals and the possibility of showers.


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